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Product Listing Ads Best Practices for You and Your Business

Google Product Listing Ads Best PracticesWhile it’s probably in your best interest to seek the advice and help of professionals in order to make the most out of your product listing ads, that’s not always going to be an option for you. We get that, which is why we’ve decided to offer what we like to call Product Listing Ads Best Practices to help you make the most of your Google Product Listing Ads.

#1. Stay on top of your budget. We can’t express enough how often we see our clients create a product listing ad project that starts out on the higher end of their budget. There’s no quicker way to burn out your ad then to spend the money long before you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Be absolutely sure you know your budget, and how much you want to spend on your product listing ads.

#2. Now that you know your budget, begin the bidding. Bidding is important. It’s so important, in fact, that we dedicated a blog to PLA bidding. You need to determine what to bid for your PLAs. This can be a tricky science, something that companies like OperationROI spend endless hours perfecting. You see, sometimes you’ll have to up your bid to something like $7, just to get into Google’s rotation. That doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll be stuck paying (again, it’s a tricky science). Your best bet, if you’re going the DIY approach, is to continuously monitor your PLAs and constantly tweak your bids according to the results you’re getting. Be sure to ride the wave of the PLAs seeing the most traffic.

#3. Optimize your data feed. This is a biggie. For small businesses with less than, say, a few thousand products, this isn’t a terrible task, yet still, it’s quite time-consuming. Optimizing your data feeds is a lot like optimizing your web pages. You need to look at your product titles, descriptions, and images. Your titles should be front-loaded with your keywords. Your descriptions should be engaging and essentially force the reader to click to see more. The image should be clear, eye-catching, and colorful, if applicable.

There is, of course, much more to your Product Listing Ads best practices then what we’ve mentioned here. But as we’ve stated before, this is a complicated science. One of the fastest ways to fail with the DIY approach is to get overwhelmed with terms and practices that are beyond your scope or capabilities. Handling your PLAs on your own is limiting, but if you maintain a small-scale approach, and focus more energy on the tips listed above, you should see some success.

If, however, you’re looking for a more in-depth approach to your PLAs, we can help. Learn more about our Product Listing Ads Best Practices, by calling us at 1-888-277-5429 or filling out our contact form.

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