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Brands on Seller Central or Vendor Central can leverage A+ Content to feature product benefits with richer, more detailed content and information. A+ Content, previously called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), are media-rich product descriptions with in-depth explanations of the product listings using additional images, text, videos, and comparison charts in place of the typical product description.

  • A+ Content will be used in place of the typical product description.
  • Highlight product features and benefits, as well as educate shoppers.
  • Increase customer confidence at the point of purchase.
  • Help improve organic search results on Amazon.
  • Attract more customers and increase sales.
Amazon A+ Page Development

Why You Should Use A+ Content

And How It Helps Convert More Sales

Inform Your Customers

With A+ Content, brands can better showcase the features, details, and benefits of products to potential customers. Typical product descriptions on Amazon can get lost and are sometimes ignored, while A+ Content stands out! With A+ Content, brands have more descriptive ways to highlight product details, address common questions, and focus on the brand. This additional information helps build customer confidence, thus increasing conversions at the point of sale.

Showcase Product Details

A+ Content allows customers reviewing your product listing to better understand the benefits and values your product has to offer. Often traditional product descriptions on Amazon cannot thoroughly explain the product with enough clarity, leading to indecisiveness by consumers to purchase. By giving sellers the ability to showcase different product features, highlight additional detailed images, present comparison charts, or show the product in action — they all enhance the customer buying experience.

Increase Conversions

Conversion rates and sales can increase when you add A+ Content to product listings. Consumers who have landed on your product page are more likely to scroll down through the pages to get a better understanding of the product they are about to purchase. By taking advantage of A+ Content you can educate shoppers about the product, as well as answer common questions or concerns about the product. A+ Content can be the confidence boost some shoppers need to make them feel comfortable making the purchase.

A+ Content Development for Brands on Amazon

What You Should Know About Developing A+ Content

Selecting A+ Content Modules

The structure and limitations of Amazon’s A+ Content.
Choosing The Right A+ Module

A+ Content can be found in both Vendor Central and Seller Central for brands that have gone through the Brand Registry process with Amazon. A+ Content is built using unique modules that can be arranged to create custom layouts. Amazon currently provides a multitude of different modules that can be used to create a custom template. Each module within the template can easily be modified, re-positioned, or deleted. Prior to developing any A+ Content, we will review the listing to determine which modules are best suited for the product.

  • A maximum of 6 modules can be chosen per template.
  • Text can be bolditalics, or underlined, but cannot be styled in any other way.
  • Images sizes vary per module for flexibility.
  • Can include bulleted features or technical specification lists.
  • The comparison chart module allows you to showcase additional listings.

Designing A+ Content for Brands on Amazon

Development through submission — we manage all aspects.

To develop effective enhanced marketing content like A+ Content, our team of professionals will work with you to create the best content for educating consumers about the finer point of your products. We believe working as a team achieves the best results, and we also understand our clients know their products better than anyone else. With the right product insight and our marketing expertise, we understand how to design A+ Content on Amazon that boost customer confidence and increase conversions.

  • Design A+ Content that drives more traffic and helps increase conversions.
  • Work with clients to identify key product features to showcase in the listings.
  • Review and select the best fitting modules to enhance the product listing.
  • Serve as your main point of contact for A+ Content from start through the entire submission process.
A+ Pages Examples

The Final Results

A+ Content That Boost Conversions.
A+ Pages Across Multiple Devices

Once Amazon reviews and approves the submitted A+ Content, it will become live on the listing. Shoppers browsing your products will now have more in-depth explanations as to what your product has to offer, its benefits, and its most important features. Consumers will also have a better sense of your product, brand, as well as see additional products you may have listed on Amazon.

  • Visually display details and benefits your product offers to potential buyers.
  • Showcase additional products and build brand affinity.
  • Increase traffic and product conversions by as much as 10%
  • Once approved the A+ Content will display in place of the standard description.

A+ Page Examples

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