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E-commerce PPC Management

Why PPC Management Can Improve Your E-Commerce Business.

Paid Search has become one of the most common and cost-effective forms of online advertising. The simplicity of paid search advertising is that you only pay for an ad when it is clicked, hence the term pay-per-click (PPC).

The fact that PPC advertising is extremely measurable allows businesses to leverage online marketing campaigns while maintaining marketing budgets and targeting specific goals. In addition, PPC campaigns have the ability for diverse targeting options including location, gender, and even specific interests.

The possibilities for online advertisement are endless and we understand what it takes to be successful with paid search campaigns and the dramatic difference it can make in a company’s growth.

Paid Search Advertising Channels:

Google Paid Search Management
Amazon Marketplace Management
Social Media Management
Bing Paid Search Management
Walmart Marketplace Management
ebay Marketplace Management

Why Use Paid Search Management Services?

Expand your reach, conversions, and increase ROI.

The founders of OperationROI have been managing pay-per-click ads on the Internet before the birth of Google, so we think we have a solid base for understanding what’s involved on a daily basis. Paid search advertising is still a key component to many businesses’ success, and like most forms of online marketing, PPC campaigns are becoming more complicated requiring better strategy and focused attention.

We understand the complexities of managing successful online advertising campaigns, which is why we will develop targeted paid search campaigns that are highly efficient and ever-evolving. Using campaign performance data, we will execute strategies leveraging text ads, display ads, and remarketing to meet and exceed your target goals. Our pay-per-click management team is trained to provide you the attention that will exceed your expectations. Our commitment to every client is unmatched because we’ve been in your shoes and understand the work involved in setting up a successful campaign and developing a strong partnership.

E-Commerce Focused PPC Management

Partnerships built on success.

Keyword Development

Keyword Development

Reach new customers, improve click-through rates and ultimately increase ROI. Our expert paid search management team will research and develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at your target audience.

Product Content Development

Ad Development & Testing

To gain traction and build successful campaigns, the writing of compelling ad copy, and testing that copy, is paramount for growth. We will develop new ads, as well as analyze past advertising efforts, to continue market penetration.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Long-term success will ultimately be determined over time with continued campaign optimization, analyzing keyword and ad performance, as well as understanding how to react to ongoing data.

Budget Management

Budget Management

Whether Google, Bing or another channel, the monitoring and adjusting of keyword bids based performance goals is vital for improving conversions and ROI.

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Campaign Monitoring

Daily and weekly reviewing of campaigns and analytics is necessary to obtain the best possible PPC results for our client’s search campaigns.

Marketplace Management

Ongoing Research

To stimulate growth and sustain profitability with paid search campaigns, our team will continue to leverage optimization and keyword research strategies.

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