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E-commerce Marketing Experts

How OperationROI Started

We’ve been marketing e-commerce websites before Google existed.

The founders of OperationROI started an e-commerce website back in 1995 when e-commerce marketing was in its infancy. We began as the in-house marketing management for a large online retailer that originally sold roughly 1,000 products, and today offers nearly 250,000 products online. We still manage all of their marketing today, making them our oldest client.

Today, OperationROI has evolved into a full-service e-commerce marketing management agency that specializes in developing marketing initiatives to grow successful e-commerce businesses. We have become e-commerce marketing experts in a variety of channels including shopping networks, marketplaces, paid search, affiliate programs, website development, as well as e-mail and social marketing. We realize to be successful we must provide excellent service, so our commitment to each and every client is maintained and built outstanding campaigns while providing unmatched customer service.

Our Mission

To increase the return on your advertising investment.

Our aim is to help you leverage various online channels, marketplaces, and ad networks to increase the return on your advertising investment, it’s that simple. Unlike many of our competitors, we have been managing these e-commerce channels for years. If you want to be a top competitor online, then you need to be everywhere your target audience is searching for your products. We have the knowledge and experience to not only get you noticed but making sure it is done in a profitable manner.

What Makes Us Different?

We are an extension of your marketing team.

We don’t want to be just another marketing company you hire! We know to be successful we need to provide a service that becomes an extension of your marketing team. We understand that without good communication and a full understanding of your other marketing efforts, no marketing campaigns can ever reach its full potential.

Our e-commerce marketing experts, in most cases, have far more experience than that of many of the newer online marketing companies. Being a niche firm also allows us certain flexibilities and opportunities to showcase our expertise and deliver huge returns for our clients. It allows us to work closely with you, learn about your products and vertical, as well as spend the time it takes to meet and exceed your goals.

The OperationROI Difference

This is the way we do things.
Small Teams – Big Ideas

Our clients are managed by small dedicated teams lead by an account manager. We believe this method leads to a more personal one on one work environment, improves efficiency, and allows for a dynamic relationship between the team and the client.

Client As a Partner

Our goals equal our clients’ goals.  We consider our clients as part of the team. They help us truly understand their business and in turn we can better serve their needs. Our clients are involved each step of the way and partake in all of the decision making.

Detailed Reporting

We measure the progress of campaigns through detailed analytics. Our clients receive complied reports and are consulted as we adjust our tactics according to the results. Our purpose is to help our clients get the best return on their investment.

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