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What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Selling on Amazon as a First-Party Seller.

Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface used by larger brands, manufacturers, and distributors to sell directly to Amazon. If you sell via Vendor Central, you are a first-party (1P) seller. You are acting as a wholesaler or supplier, selling in bulk to Amazon retail. Your products are shipped and sold by

Vendor Central gives sellers access to more marketing tools, special programs, and Amazon Prime eligibility. However Vendor Central requires an invitation from Amazon to get started.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Sell more and increase profitability.

Product Content Development

Product Content Optimization

Properly crafted and optimized titles, product details, descriptions, and imagery will increase page views and exposure on search results, as well as convey a complete branded customer experience.

Feed Management

Brand/Content Control

We use powerful tools and years of Amazon experience to protect intellectual property on Amazon. We’ll make sure your listings convey your brand’s message instead of a 3rd party sellers.

PPC Management

Marketing Services Management

Promote products and your brand leveraging paid search options available on Amazon. We take advantage of Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display ads to increase visibility in search results and product pages.

Enhanced Brand Content

A+ Content Page

Enhance your product page descriptions with additional content, high quality images, comparison charts, and alternate products to help increase conversions.

Paid Search Management

Brand Store Development

Develop a customized Brand Store on Amazon showcasing all of your products in a variety of interactive ways. Further enhance your Brand Store with text, images, and videos.

Single Product Ad Groups

Manage Promotions

Drive more traffic to the brand and increase sales using promotions available on Amazon such as Lightning Deals, Prime Deals, Best Deals, Coupons, and more.

Marketing Services Management for Amazon Vendors

Advertise Your Brand and Products

Promote your products using options from Amazon Advertising like Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display Ads. We specialize in managing and optimizing these ads as well as monitoring and analyzing their progress making the necessary adjustments to enhance effectiveness.

How Our Services Translate into More Sales

Heightened Exposure

Our consulting services for Amazon vendors works to improve brand awareness and drive more conversions. We increase sales velocity by getting products to show in key positions on the search results pages on desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers, as well as the Amazon app. Our Marketing Service Management for Amazon Vendors helps promote the brand and products using advertising options available on Amazon, which is a highly effective way to increase conversions.

A+ Content Page

Captivate viewers with premium content on your product pages. A+ content has been proven to increase conversions by up to 10%. Amazon A+ Pages serve to share your brand story as well as showcase the unique aspects of why consumers should buy your products. It also serves to improve your product page’s SEO through pictures and value points with the attached keywords.

Brand Store Development

Through a customized Brand Store on Amazon, your customers will be able to view all the products your company is selling in one place. Enhance their browsing experience through videos and images, further explaining your available products as well as highlighting your brand’s story.

Protect Intellectual Property

Brand Registry helps brands protect intellectual property by creating an accurate and trusted experience for customers. We can help assist in enrolling your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry to make sure your brand is protected. Once accepted into Brand Registry brands have access to additional tools such as increased authority over product listings with your brand name. Brands also have access to predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations.

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