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Winning the Buy Box on Amazon is critical long-term seller success. Having a competitive advantage is a must, which is why the top sellers are using repricing tools. Having the ability to automatically reprice products based on your competitors will allow you to stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately increase Buy Box exposure. Our powerful automated repricing software is designed to empower our clients to boost sales and maximize profits. Marketplace product data is is updated every 15 minutes, allowing us to reprice your items based on qualified competitors — keeping you ahead of the pack.

  • Products repriced automatically within set parameters
  • Data sampled every 15 minutes
  • Beat competitors’ prices to win Amazon’s Buy Box
  • Increase sales by remaining on top of competitors

How Our Repricer Works?

And Why You’ll Love It
Feedback Management
Buy Box Winners

Know which of your products are currently winning the Buy Box, or have won in the past within any given time-frame. Choose which products you would like repriced within set perimeters (floor and ceiling prices). View a detailed list of products winning or losing the Buy Box accompanied by an explanation and report of competitors complete with their seller rating and feedback quantity.

Product Feed Management
Automatic Product Importing

Products are downloaded automatically and populated into the repricing software where they are managed. The Amazon Open Listing Reports (OLR) allows the software to pull all of your product data and present it right on the dashboard. View all product details, as well as see orders organized mothly, weekly, or by a specific date range. Easily export a CSV of any and all data for the dates chosen.

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Orders Dashboard

The Repricer Tool has all the information you need neatly organized in one place. Your orders are imported automatically from Amazon and are displayed in their own dashboard, complete with graphs that show total sales, total orders, and units sold within the set time-frame of your choosing. Conveniently search for orders within a detailed orders list and export a report summary in PDF format.

Introducing our Repricer Tool

The stand out features:

The Repricer

How it helps you win Amazon’s Buy Box.
amazon repricer amz software buy box winner results example

One of the determining factors that allow your products to win the Buy Box is the landed price. It can be very difficult to try and reprice products against your competitors daily in order to stay in the Buy Box consistently. That is why our Repricer Tool is the perfect solution and allows for complete pricing control against competitors. Our Repricing shows the statistics of how many products are currently winning the Buy Box, how many have been repriced, and even how many products are priced at the floor.

  • Competitor data sampled
  • Prices repriced lower than competitors to beat then to the Buy Box
  • Statistics of current and past Buy Box winning products
  • Multiple graphs showing repriced items, Buy Box winners, and Floor Priced Products

The Settings

The parameters you can set.

One of our Repricing Software’s best features is the ability to base your pricing off several points of criteria and conditions. You may choose to exclude Amazon as a seller to reprice against since it is very difficult to compete against their perfect seller score. You may also exclude FBA sellers or sellers that don’t meet a certain feedback percentage or shipping length. This gives you complete control over repricing against sellers more or less likely to compete against you for the Buy Box.

  • Choose whether to compete against Amazon for the Buy Box
  • Set minimum feedback count and percentage for competing sellers
  • Set max ship days for competing sellers
  • Set different repricer settings for the products of your choosing
  • Reprice by percentage or dollar amount
amazon repricer amz software buy box winner results example

The Results

Which products are winning.
amazon repricer amz software buy box winner results example

The repricing results show the current price the items are being sold for and whether that item is winning the Buy Box. Any repricing changes, positive or negative, are highlighted along with a description as to why that item has been repriced. Usually if the price has been increased, it is because there are no other sellers competing to sell that same product. If the price has been decreased it is a result of a competitor with a lower price than your previous listed price. Also, if a product is not winning the Buy Box you may also see the reason as to why (normally resulting from a competitor pricing below your set floor price). For products with competing sellers, you can view their SKU/ASIN their listed price, condition, even their seller score and fulfillment channel.

  • View current product listed price
  • Repriced items show explanation for positive and negative changes
  • Compare competitors’ pricing, seller score, product condition, shipping time, and fulfillment channel chosen

How to Win the Buy Box

Understand the ins and outs of what it takes to win Amazon’s Buy Box and raise your online sales.

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