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Bing Search Ads

Keyword Targeted Ads on the Bing Network.
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What is a Search Ad?
Bing Search Ads are a form of paid search marketing that allows advertisers to promote their product or services on the Bing Ad Network. The text ads can appear above and below the organic search results on Bing. The ads can also be shown on partner sites like AOL or Yahoo, as well as other websites within their network.

  • Ads appear on Bing, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo search results
  • Search Ads are targeted through keywords
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Manage budget on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

Types of Search Ads

How would you like to display your ad?
Bing Text Ads Example on Mobile Device
Text Ads

A text ad on Bing is a simple search ad comprised of three parts: headline text, a display URL, and description text. They appear on top, on the bottom, or along the side of search results when browsing using keywords that have been targeted for your specific products and services. They are compatible on all devices.

Bing Native Ads Example on MSN
Native Ads

Native ads are used to build brand recognition or remarket to users who have visited your website. Native ads are currently displayed on MSN to visitors based on their search and browsing history. Once clicked the ads take users to selected landing pages. Good news, text Ads can easily be transformed into Bing Native Ads.

Bing Paid Search Management

Managing paid search campaigns for increased profitability.

Keyword Development

Keyword Development

Our dedicated team will research and develop custom tailored programs to improve traffic, increase click-through rates and boost profits. Our approach uses focused keyword strategies to target your specific audience.

Product Content Development

Ad Development & Testing

For success with Bing ads, you must create compelling ad copy and test alternative ads per ad group. Our paid search analysts will create new ads, as well as review current and past campaigns, for continued penetration.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Campaign setup, ad development, and keyword analysis are all essential initially. However to scale and sustain long-term success, it’s crucial to continually optimize and react to the performance challenges and complexities that arise.

Budget Management

Budget Management

To exceed performance goals and manage budgets, the monitoring and adjusting of bids is key for increased traffic, boosting sales, and maintaining profitability.

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Campaign Monitering

For the best possible results with Bing Ads, observing the day-to-day data points, as well as monitoring analytic trends, is necessary for our client’s search campaigns to thrive.

Marketplace Management

Ongoing Research

We leverage ongoing optimization and keyword research strategies to isolate the top performing campaigns to sustain and improve business goals and profits.

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As an accredited Bing Partner we are certified to offer you the most comprehensive Bing marketing experience. For success with Bing search ads, it’s crucial to have a strategy in order for your ads to appear at the right time and to the right audience. Using extensive keyword and competitor research, our team develops and implements campaign strategies most likely to succeed.

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