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Boost Sales with Amazon PPC Management

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Reach Your Target Audience

By leveraging Amazon PPC, our experts can use specific search terms to better target customers who are seeking to purchase your products. By achieving higher product placements on search page results we can expand your customer reach and more directly allocate advertising dollars on these targeted ads. With increased product exposure we bring your products a new audience helping maximize conversions.

Boost Amazon PPC Conversions
Boost Conversions

Reaching new customers with Amazon PPC isn’t a guarantee for increased conversions. Our dedicated team of experts understand the challenges of successfully managing paid search and will continually review campaign performance to help boost conversions. Using our proprietary OpSeller software we analyze your data making sure we are targeting the correct search terms to maximize performance with your paid search campaigns.

Increase Profitability with Amazon PPC Management
Increase Profitability

In the end, it all comes down to profitability. If you aren’t meeting or exceeding your target ACoS goals, then no matter how many sales you generate you cannot be profitable with paid search on Amazon. Years of experience helping market hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon we developed OpSeller, our proprietary software, to more effectively manage your campaigns, control costs, drive conversions and increase profitability.

How We Manage Amazon PPC

Increase Traffic | Boost Conversions | Reduce ACoS%

OpSeller Enhanced E-Commerce Management Software
Enhanced Amazon PPC Management
OpSeller Amazon PPC Dashboard

Managing Amazon PPC campaigns can be a tedious process making it difficult to garner desired results. To more effectively manage our client’s Amazon paid search campaigns and hit key performance goals we developed our own management software called OpSeller. With OpSeller we can manage various aspects of your PPC campaigns with greater ease and ability to drill down on specific aspects of our client accounts. It improves our overall ability to manage keywords, product ads, and campaign performance. Our internal reporting capabilities now allow our analysts to review data and react more efficiently for optimal penetration. Whether promoting products using Sponsored Product Ads or Sponsored Brands Ads our team of Amazon PPC experts will use all the tools available to optimize your campaigns for conversions and ACoS goals.

Campaign Performance

Monitoring Spend, Sales & ACoS Goals

Successful Amazon PPC management starts at the campaign level. With OpSeller we can easily establish ACoS goals and monitor each campaign making sure we are meeting and exceeding our performance goals. Our software will easily identify any campaigns that are not hitting ACoS goals so that our team of marketing analysts can make the necessary changes needed to improve performance. So whether we are evaluating performance over the past week, month, or year, we can easily determine what campaigns are working and which are underperforming.

OpSeller Amazon PPC Campaign Data

Ad Performance

How Are Each Product’s Ads Performing?

Understanding how your overall campaigns are performing is a great start. However, the ability to optimize and get the most out of each campaign requires further analysis beginning at each product ads performance. With OpSeller our Amazon pay-per-click analysts can easily review and make changes based on the data. We can easily identify underperforming ads, whether or not the ad is meeting ACoS goals, or even if the product is currently winning the BuyBox.

OpSeller Amazon PPC Ad Performance

Keyword Performance

Optimizing Keyword Bids For ACoS Goals

To effectively manage keywords on Amazon you need as much data and insight as possible. With OpSeller we use Amazon’s API to pull all of your keyword data, as well as suggested bids and bid ranges, as provided by Amazon. Our Amazon PPC experts can easily identify keywords that are performing well or problematic keywords that need to be addressed. Additional charting functionality allows our analysts to better analyze your keywords performance against other key indicators. And we’ve even streamlined and improved the search query and negative keyword review process as well, all leading to more conversions and reduce ACoS% for our clients.

OpSeller Amazon PPC Keyword Performance

Additional Amazon PPC Strategies

Time-Of-Day Sales Tracking & PPC Day Parting

While Amazon might not provide the best tools for sellers to analyze their data, they do provide us with an abundance of metrics to better manage your paid search campaigns. To better manage your account, we’ve built-out additional tools. We can now analyze when you most often convert sales with our Time-of-Day sales tracking. And much like Google Ads, we can now Day Part your campaign and only target the hours or days of the week when you are most likely to convert. Another way our pay-per-click gurus can optimize for maximum penetration while maintaining ACoS goals for our clients.

Amazon Sales By Time of Day
Amazon PPC Day Parting

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