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Remarketing Campaigns

Google Remarketing Campaigns

Visitor Targeted Ads on the Google Network.

What is a Remarketing Campaign?
Google Remarketing Campaigns are used to target people who have already visited your website or used your mobile app. For example, when people visit your website but leave without buying anything, Remarketing Campaigns can help you reach out to them with them by showing relevant ads across their various devices.

  • Access to people when they are most likely to buy
  • Target users who abandon their shopping cart
  • Display ads featuring specific products or services to visitors that have already viewed them on your website
  • Compatible with Search Ads & Display Ads
  • Automated bid strategies such as CPA and ROAS
Google remarketing explained

Types of Remarketing Ads

Ways your ad can be displayed.
Responsive Remarketing Ad
Responsive Text Ads

A remarketing text ad is much like a traditional search ad. The primary difference is that remarketing ads will not show up on Google’s search result pages, but they will be displayed on other websites within their Display Network. Good news is that they too are compatible with desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

remarketing google display ads example operationroi
Display Ads

Remarketing Display ads can be either as simple image ads or include rich media such as animation. They appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps comprised of the Google Display Network. Unlike regular display ads, the remarketing ads will only be shown to people who previously visited your website.

Google Remarketing Management

Managing remarketing campaigns for increased exposure and conversions.

SEO & Keyword Harvesting

Develop Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing can be a very effective for your paid search campaigns. Our team will work with you to develop various remarketing strategies that can be used for branding, specific products, or for shopping cart abandonment.

Ad Development

Ad Development

Creating effective ad copy and display ads for remarketing is paramount for success. Our team will analysis your website analytics and current paid search initiatives to develop a specific remarketing program to meet your goals.

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

By taking advantage of Audience Targeting, we can be more accurate in choosing who sees your ads and what message we want them to see. In turn, we can create campaigns targeting different stages of the buying cycle.

Product Content Development

Ad Testing

Writing effective remarketing copy and testing ad variations is key for success. Our team will analyze and test new ads for continued penetration.

Budget Management

Budget Management

To manage Google Remarketing budgets and hit target CPA goals, monitoring and adjusting bids based on performance is key to increasing sales and maintaining profitability.

Marketplace Management

Ongoing Optimization

To further improve and sustain profitability, we leverage ongoing optimization to isolate the top performing remarketing ads and campaign strategies.

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