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Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping

Product Ads on the Bing Network.

What is Bing Shopping?
Bing Shopping is a product-based, pay-per-click model form of online advertising. They allow you to display products to shoppers who are most likely to buy your products based on their search query. Bing Product Ads show up at the top of search results or sidebar along with your product image, price, and company name. When clicked, the ads take users directly to the product page on your website.

  • Display relevant products to consumers most likely to buy
  • Bing Shopping Ads convert better than text ads for product /retail searches
  • Import Google Shopping Campaigns with the same structure and capabilities
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Advertiser has options to segment products based on criteria (i.e. price, availability etc.)
  • Only pay when a user clicks the ad to their site
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Why Advertise your Products on Bing?

Don’t miss out.

Bing Product Ads see better returns on investment for their ad spend than many other paid search channels. The quality of the Bing network and typical Bing user tend to favor certain audiences and demographics. Bing is also integrated into the Windows 10 desktop experience and the digital assistant, Cortana, is powered by Bing as well. Even some types of searches on iOS devices are serviced by Bing. There are many reasons to advertise products on Bing Ads including:

  • Receives 6.2 billion searches a month
  • Reaches about 30% of US consumers via Bing & Yahoo
  • Has a global footprint that includes 14.5 billion people in 35 countries
  • More granular control at the campaign and ad group levels than AdWords
  • Bing Ads has less competition meaning cheaper cost-per-click and higher ROIs
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Managing Your Bing Shopping Ads

Where we come in.

Feed Management

Feed Management

Our expert feed management team takes over the rigors of implementing and optimizing product data feeds with an understanding of how to improve product visibility, drive new traffic, and increase profitability.

Advanced Campaign Development

Advanced Campaign Development

The genesis of profitable shopping campaigns begins with the segmentation of the products. Using attributes such as categories, brands, price, or margins, we base our product group strategies to focus on the top selling products.

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Bing Ads has Audience Targeting, however unlike AdWords you to control search demographics such as gender or age. By taking advantage of search demographics we can be more accurate in choosing who sees your product ads.

Budget Management

Budget Management

Intelligent management of bids and budgets is key for increasing sales and ROI. Our team will review expectations, goals, and budgets to meet and exceed performance goals.

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Campaign Monitoring

To obtain the best possible shopping campaign results for our client’s, our team will monitor the daily performance of Bing product ads, as well as review analytics.

Marketplace Management

Ongoing Research

By leveraging ongoing segmentation and optimization strategies we can isolate the top performing product ads to improve profitability with Bing Shopping Campaigns.

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As an accredited Bing partner we are certified to offer you the most comprehensive Bing marketing experience. Bing Product Ads are an excellent way to attract new customers and expose them to your products. A well-implemented strategy will allow potential customers to not only view advertised products from your online store but to browse for more products from your catalog and become loyal customers. We manage everything from keyword research and ad implementation to bidding and analytics analysis, with the goal of increasing your ROI.

Google Shopping Management

Google Shopping Campaigns, using Product Listing Ads, gives e-commerce merchants the ability to advertise their products on Google and the Google Partner Network.

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