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Brand Stores on Amazon are available to any brand, as long as the brand has been enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry. Brands will then be able to create their own Brand Store featuring products, marketing messages, videos, and additional imagery. If your brand is not currently enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, then you will need to register your brand to qualify.

  • The Brand Store will be used in place of the default search results page when selecting your brand link on Amazon
  • Brand Stores can be created in Seller Central or Vendor Central accounts
  • Sponsored Brand Ads can be directly pointed to your Brand Store
  • Brand Stores will appear on desktop and mobile browsers as well as on the Amazon app
  • Your brand needs to be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry in order to implement a storefront

Why You Should Develop A Brand Store On Amazon

And How Your Conversion Rate And Sales Will Benefit

Focus On Your Brand

Brand recognition can crucially affect a buyer’s decision to purchase your products. As more and more products appear on Amazon differentiating those products from other brands and from counterfeit products becomes much more important for consumers. Brand Stores on Amazon serve as mini-websites providing brands a great opportunity to introduce your catalog of products to your clients as well as establish brand awareness. Brand Stores can be designed in such a way that the look and feel can be manipulated to match your brand, serve as a platform to market your products, and visually tell your brand story.

Educate Your Audience

Out of all the enhanced content available to brands on Amazon, Brand Stores are the most versatile. This valuable real estate can be used to educate your audience about the brand. Need a place to display highly relevant videos about products or the brand, the Brand Store would be the place. With Brand Stores, you can showcase products in action through lifestyle images or introduce customers to new products they are unaware you sell. Using a modular format, a Brand Store on Amazon can be comprised of product listings, product or lifestyle imagery, marketing content, videos, and more.

Drive Traffic To Your Brand Store

With a Brand Store, you have the ability to focus on brand messaging and give consumers more information about your products. But more importantly, Brand Stores can be used as a landing page for both internal and external traffic. For traffic within Amazon’s ecosystem, you can leverage the power of Sponsored Brand Ads to drive traffic directly to your store, which has been shown to outperform other advertising options available. Additionally, with Amazon Brand Store Insights you can analyze traffic and sales reports to determine how best to optimize your marketing strategy and identify new opportunities to drive customers to Amazon.

Brand Store Development on Amazon

Understanding Store Designs and Benefits

Store Templates & Guidelines

Choose a template or create your own.

To begin developing a Brand Store you must use the store editor which is located under the “Store” section inside your Amazon seller or vendor account. The brand must be registered with Amazon in order to have access to this feature. Stores are comprised of multiple sections, each segmented into blocks. These sections may contain products, images, messaging

  • A maximum number of modules can be chosen per template
    • This includes the automatically generated product recommendations and full-screen videos, images, and text modules but excludes the Split Section
  • An unlimited number of Split Sections can be added
    • These sections divide a full block into 2-8 smaller blocks
    • Each of these square or rectangular blocks can be populated with images, videos, or text

Designing Brand Stores on Amazon

Development through submission — we manage all aspects.

With a focus on showcasing your brand, our team of professionals will develop and design a Brand Store from start to finish. We understand our clients know more about their brand than anyone, so together as a team, we work towards building an impactful store on Amazon. Our Brand Store development team will review your categories and products to make sure that we have implemented a design that meets your brand style and educates consumers about the brand offerings.

As with anything on Amazon, stores have their design limitations. Images and videos are permitted, but they must meet certain specifications and sizes to fit the templates. Simple formatting of content, such as text being bold or CAPITALIZED is allowed, but the text cannot be styled in any other way. The good news is our team of experts understand these content guidelines and will design a store that meets our client’s needs while maintaining the visual boundaries and guidelines set forth by Amazon.

Amazon Brand Store Development Examples

The Final Results

A Brand Store on Amazon That Creates Brand Awareness

Once Amazon reviews and approves your submitted store it will be live on your assigned URL, usually The store will then be ready to receive traffic from Sponsored Brand Ads linked to any of the pages. Not only does this help increase your exposure on Amazon, but search engines will also crawl and show these pages in their search results — helping drive external traffic to your Brand Store.

  • Once approved your store will appear when users click your brand name or logo on product listing pages
  • Increases brand awareness on Amazon
  • Allows you to showcase all of your product listings in one place
  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads can be linked to your Brand Store
  • Help drive external traffic to your Amazon Store

Brand Store Examples

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