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You’ve heard of Amazon, of course. What you may not be so familiar with is using the e-commerce titan as an advertising channel. Maybe you don’t have much left in your marketing and advertising budget and are second-guessing Amazon’s usefulness. We’ve already provided you with insight on how to advertise on Amazon, now allows us to answer the question, “Why advertise on Amazon?”

Better Bang for Your Buck

Sure, you can use more familiar advertising avenues like Google Ads and Facebook Ads for online marketing and advertising, but both companies have been in the advertising business for quite a while. What that equates to is more sellers, which leads to higher advertising costs. Consider the fact that the average cost-per-click for Amazon sellers was roughly 40% less than Google Adwords. There’s only so much advertising space to go around, and that space comes at as steadily increasing price.

One of the benefits of Amazon ads is you step onto their advertising platform with less competition. If yours is a small or medium-sized business, you may struggle to afford Google or Facebook’s ad prices. Take a look at how much it will cost you to advertise your product on Amazon and see if you can swing that price. To help take your investment even further, look into sponsored content.

Catch Buyers at the Right Time

Another reason we say “yes” when wondering should you be advertising on Amazon is that the site is catered to buyers rather than browsers. Think about it: You hop on Google to check out your options for a specific product, exploring reviews, features and the like. When you’re ready to make a decision and pull the trigger on buying what you’ve been searching for, what’s one of the top three places you’re probably going to check first? Amazon.

Catch The Buyer at The Right Time On Amazon with Sponsored Product Ads

If your ads are on Amazon, you’ve already captured the attention of consumers who are ready to buy and not just keep browsing. Of course, this is not an airtight guarantee that consumers will undoubtedly buy whatever’s in their cart. At the very least, they’re confidently approaching the register rather than just aimlessly wandering the aisles.

Do you feel you need a bit of professional help with capturing the interest of buyers in need of your products? We’ve got you covered with tips on how to drive external traffic to your Amazon brand store. Be sure to check them out.

Include Video Ads

Maybe your specific product is hard to advertise with still images. If so, know that you can create video ads for Amazon. That way, you can easily break down a complex product and demonstrate how it works. Removing as much confusion and uncertainty as possible regarding your wares is key to encouraging a buy.

Videos On Amazon Can Increase ConversionsBuild Brand Awareness

Roughly 60% of brands advertise on Amazon to boost brand awareness, and you may number yourself among that percentage. The only way people are going to buy your products is if they know you sell that product in the first place. Amazon is a great platform to utilize for just such a purpose.Amazon Sponsored Brands

For instance, Sponsored Brand Ads allow you to use a custom text headline in a keyword-targeted ad. The way this works is ads pop up above Amazon search results for users searching for products similar to yours. Such ads work best with refined and relevant keywords, and make sure you don’t skimp on making your headline truly enticing.

Amazon also offers Product Display Ads. These are interest-targeted and product ads that show up on pages for products related to yours. They can appear on review pages, within Amazon’s marketing emails, on offer listings pages or at the bottom of search results. Maximize their use by ensuring your company logo is easy to see and read, and be sure your ad only appears next to favorable customer reviews.

Take Advantage of Higher Conversion Rates

Gaining traction in regards to building awareness of your brand, company culture, and products is great, but converting visitors to customers is even better. Another great benefit of Amazon advertising is the ability can achieve greater conversion rates. Bear in mind that Amazon’s average conversion rate is about 9.50%.

That percentage is great, but it’s even better if you take steps to reap its full benefit. We recommend that you zero in on the terms and keywords you use ad, to make it simply irresistible for customers to buy once they take notice of your ad. Additionally, pay close attention to ad images, product details, and your titlesOptimizing Your Amazon Listings For Higher Conversion Rates

Ads Only Appear When Winning Buy Box

With Sponsored Product Ads, the only time ads will show up for consumers is if you are winning the Buy Box. If you aren’t familiar with the term, the Buy Box appears on the product detail page. It paves the way for shoppers adding your product to their shopping carts. By having your ad only show up when you own the Buy Box, it means you’re making the most of your investment.

So, how do you improve your chances of winning the Buy Box? Essentially, this all boils down to your company’s selling record. Amazon takes note of your overall selling history, how many customers have favorably reviewed your product, your product’s current age, the price of your product and your product stock. Be sure you fulfill all your orders, as this also helps improve your chances of officially owning the Buy Box.

Where is the Buy Box Amazon - OperationROI

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Hopefully, we’ve successfully demonstrated just what you have to gain by advertising on Amazon. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here at OperationROI. Our mission is to bring out the full potential of selling on Amazon. Call us at 888-277-5429 or contact us online today.

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