How To Write the Best Amazon Product Details

By May 22, 2019Amazon

When it comes to writing successful Amazon product details, writers often have the difficult task of straddling the line between what appeals to buyers and what appeals to Amazon’s algorithm. By optimizing product details, you increase the chances of showing up higher in search results on Amazon as well as boosting chances of increasing conversions.

Additional benefits of following best practices for writing Amazon product details also includes attracting more views and increasing your conversion rates. Put simply, well-written Amazon product information can improve sales and profitability. Here are some tips you should follow to ensure you write lucrative descriptions.

1. Start With Amazon’s Guidelines

For the most part, the Amazon Services Quick Start Style Guide will provide a helpful starting point for creating your product details. There’s no requirement that you have to do everything Amazon recommends. In fact, for some industries and brands, Amazon’s suggestions may do more harm than good.  Some common suggestions you may want to consider include ensuring descriptions are clear and to the point, as well as ensuring that your product descriptions align with your images.

Amazon does have some clear rules that should be followed. For example, you should not encourage customers to make their purchase off the Amazon site. You are also not allowed to share testimonials from other customers as all testimonials must come from Amazon buyers in the review section. Finally, Amazon restricts elaborate formatting for text, which makes the content provided that much more important.

2. Prioritize Benefits Over Features

When describing your product, it may be tempting to advertise all the specs. This is especially the case for tech devices. While the specs are important, try to focus more on the benefits the product provides to customers. There are some tech users who will look specifically for the technical aspects of a product, but not everyone knows the meaning of watts, megapixels, and GB.

It’s very important to explain to the customers how this product will help or benefit them. For instance, instead of saying a specific set of solar panels for sale generate 4,000 watts, you could share that the solar panels produce enough clean energy to power a 1,500-square-foot home. This, in turn, comes with additional benefits.

These might include helping the consumer to play their part in reducing harmful emissions, while also reducing their energy bill or making it possible for them to live almost entirely off the grid. Put simply, translate specs into benefits that people can understand in terms of how the product may affect their personal, professional or family life.

3. Highlight Product Detail Focal Points

As we have discussed above, consumers searching for products are typically seeking out the product’s benefits. Initially, consumers don’t want to read all of the product details searching for specific product information. That’s why it’s important to highlight the focal point of each bullet so that consumers who are skimming the product details can easily find the relevant information they are seeking.

Also, it’s essential that the most relevant product details be placed in top bullets and the less pertinent details in the latter bullet points. Depending on the amount of content provided, Amazon may truncate the product details, which is why it is key to have more relevant information at the top of your product details.

And don’t forget about mobile when figuring out the product details order. Amazon on mobile browsers and in the Amazon app typically do not show the 4th and 5th bullet point unless clicked-on, which again shows why the initial bullet points are so very important for consumers.

Highlight Amazon Product Detail Focal Points

4. Optimize Amazon Product Details For Google

Of course your first goal is to optimize the product details specifically for Amazon, however, Google cannot be neglected when thinking about your product optimization strategies. As a result, many search engine optimization efforts will include tactics for Google’s algorithm. The good news is that the strategies for Amazon and Google are similar. If you optimize Amazon product details for both Amazon and Google, you will be able to take advantage of shifting external traffic to your Amazon products.

When thinking about Google, start with an analysis to see what keywords are mostly associated with your product. After this, you will want to include at least the primary keywords in the title, bullet points, and the first part of your Amazon product description. These are the two main places Google will pull information from on Amazon, when populating search results. Google may even use your product details over Amazon’s default description if it decides your words provide more value to searchers.

Optimize Amazon Product Details For Google

5. Choose the Right Images

Okay, so picking the right images doesn’t help in writing the best product details, but having the right imagery is very important to the purchase process. While the initial words that cause your listing to be populated in search engines are very important, what really makes people click on that listing is the photo. Humans by nature are visual shoppers, so needless to say, it is very important to invest in high-quality images that show your product at all the best angles in great lighting. If the size is important, then measurements or a reference, such as a coin, pencil or even a hand may help to give shoppers a better understanding of the product they are about to purchase.

And don’t forget, if your talking about a specific benefit or feature in your product details, make sure you have the right imagery that shows to those features.

Here is some additional advice from Amazon:

  • Use pure white for the backgrounds.
  • Ensure the product occupies at least 80% of the photo.
  • The image should show the full product, not just pieces of it.
  • Refrain from including items in the photo that are not for sale, as this could be misleading.
  • Picture size should be a minimum of 1000 x 1000px to enable the auto zoom.

6. Work With Professionals

Some people have a natural talent for sales. Give them five minutes and they could talk anyone into investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in the most bizarre products and services. Unfortunately, this is a rare talent. For some others, it is a skill that takes years of development through classroom education, marketing experience or both.

When you write Amazon product details, those words will take the place of the salesperson who would usually be able to not only convince a potential customer to purchase the original item but may also convince them to purchase the most expensive model or set up a subscription. That’s a pretty big task for a few words to take on, which is why working with skilled professionals is so important.

Select professionals who have had years of experience and success on Amazon, such as OperationROI. By leaving the wordsmithing up to the professionals, you can focus on the aspects of your online business that you are best at while taking advantage of proven techniques and trackable results.

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