OperationROI Joins The Amazon Service Provider Network

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OperationROI Joins The Amazon Service Provider Network

Amazon set up its Service Provider Network as a way to better serve the numerous sellers who are so key to their website. After an exhaustive vetting process, OperationROI has been accepted as an authorized 3rd party service provider for Amazon sellers. Obviously, we’re incredibly enthusiastic about this opportunity and hope to serve as wide a range of businesses as possible. The more Amazon continues to take care of its sellers, the more the company can prosper, which in turn directly benefits the customer.

Now, we’re particularly proud to be a part of this substantial network. Being vetted and approved essentially guarantees us a place working with sellers on Amazon to improve business operations, optimize product performance,

What Are the Benefits of Amazon’s Service Provider Network?

Amazon’s SPN helps set up businesses with a number of companies and highlights their tools and resources that can be utilized to better optimize everything about a company’s approach to selling on Amazon. Basically, it’s right there in the name – Amazon provides its sellers with whatever services might come in handy – account management, optimization of ads, media – you name it. If you want more details on the Service Provider Network, check out our article on the subject.

What Is Our Role In The Network?

When your business is selling its products in a crowded marketplace that’s full of similar items from similar companies, you need to ensure every product listing is being presented with its best foot forward. As a third-party service provider, our job is to help sellers increase sales on Amazon. We offer a number of services that go above and beyond a traditional service provider, as well as some of the ones you’d expect. While we offer many e-commerce services, below are the services we offer within the Amazon Service Provider Network portal in Seller Central.

Account Management

Account Management services provide hands-on support for your day-to-day Seller Central operations and insights that can help you grow your business on Amazon. Our account management team’s goal is to grow and scale your business. Whether developing high-level strategies, compelling content, or eye-catching imagery, we will take the lead to drive more exposure for your products and brand. Big or small, established or novice, first- or third-party seller, our Amazon experts understand what it takes to thrive on Amazon.

Visit our Account Management Services page on Amazon.

Advertising Optimization

Advertising optimization services provide expert help to grow your sales through ad products on Amazon. Pay-per-click or PPC marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate interest in a product or brand. Increasing product visibility in Amazon search results will drive more conversions. Our paid search experts help grow advertising generated sales through the use of Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display ads. We specialize in successfully managing manual and automatic campaigns, including advanced targeting, day-parting, keyword harvesting, and budget balancing, all aimed at exceeding your ACoS and sales goals.

Within the Service Provider Network for Advertising Optimization, Amazon has broken out three specific services and the defined responsibilities.

Sponsored Products
We will provide expertise to help you grow your sales through Sponsored Product campaigns on Seller Central. Service features include creating and optimizing campaigns using targeted keywords, removing non-performing keywords, and optimizing bids for high visibility.

Sponsored Brands
We will provide expertise to help you grow your sales through headline search ad campaigns on Seller Central. Service features include creating and optimizing campaigns using targeted keywords, removing non-performing keywords, and optimizing bids for high visibility.

Brand Store Creation And Management
We will provide expertise to build and manage the Brand Store page of your brand. Service features include Brand Store creation, periodic updates in the store, and driving customer traffic to your brand store page.

One of our main services is working with sellers to determine how their brands are doing with customers in various marketplaces. On Amazon, knowing how customers perceive your brand and products is a must.

Visit our Advertising Optimization Services page on Amazon. See more Amazon Brand Store examples from our creative team.

Bellepierre Amazon Brand Store Example    Drain Strain Amazon Brand Store Example


Optimizing product listings is another thing that can be a struggle for businesses. Cataloging services help you list new products and optimize existing offers with attributes that follow Amazon guidelines.

Since there are so many sellers on Amazon, making your products stand out from all the competition out there is almost impossible if you’re not deliberately optimizing your listings. We help increase product visibility in Amazon search results and improve customer’s first impressions with fully optimized product listings. Our team of product listing specialists will create and/or optimize product listing for humans and SEO efficiency on Amazon. We will research your products and competitor product in search of highly relevant and profitable keywords to create compelling product titles, product details, and content-rich imagery.

As a seller, you should aim for your product’s title, content, and imagery to convey to the customer as much information as possible. This is why titles that are increasingly specific are being seen more on the marketplace.

The product details should contain the most relevant information such as ingredients, benefits, features, uses, and information about the brand. It’s important not to ignore product optimization when you’re constructing product details, as you’ll want to incorporate both keywords and naturalistic language that’s both easy to read and doesn’t feel stiff or awkwardly constructed.

Within the Service Provider Network for Cataloging, Amazon has broken out two specific services and the defined responsibilities.

Basic Cataloging
Create listings for your products using titles, descriptions, and other required information.

Detailed Cataloging
Create rich catalogs with search-optimized keywords and optional attributes that make your products stand out so customers can find them easily.

Visit our Cataloging Services page on Amazon.

Amazon Cataloging Example      Amazon Cataloging Example


Quality control for images is a must for any brand selling products on Amazon. Imaging services can help you increase views for your products with quality images that follow Amazon guidelines. We can provide our clients with high-quality professional product images and compelling additional imagery designed to help educate consumers about your products.

Humans are visual shoppers and we understand this. Our experienced photographers and graphic designers can create Amazon-ready imagery, including products on white backgrounds, image enhancement, as well as content-rich images that focus on the features and benefits of your product.

Within the Service Provider Network for Imaging, Amazon has broken out two specific services and the defined responsibilities.

Image Editing
Retouching existing images to make them compatible with Amazon standards

Product Photo Shoot
For table top products, captured to meet Amazon’s Imaging Standards across all categories except apparel

Visit our Imaging Services page on Amazon.

     Amazon Product Imagery Example     

Enhanced Brand Content

Boost customer confidence with visually engaging, customer-centric A+ Content designed to increase conversion rates. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) / A+ Cataloging lets you add rich product descriptions and features that can lead to better conversions, including multiple images, banner images, and descriptions of up to 1,200 words.

Take your product listing to the next level by developing enhanced content that converts. Our experienced designers and account managers will review your product to develop detailed content, rich product imagery, and information about your brand with the goal of assuring the customer that this is the right product for them.

Within the Service Provider Network for Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon has broken out two specific services and the defined responsibilities.

A+ Pages (EBC Content Writing And Imaging)
Package includes research, content creation, writing, image enhancement, and module selection.

EBC Product Videos
Includes creation of high-quality videos that cover product features, with options to add onscreen text, graphics, and voiceover

Visit our Enhanced Brand Content Services page on Amazon. See more Amazon A+ examples from our creative team.

    Amazon A+ Example   Amazon A Plus Example

Why OperationROI?

Businesses often struggle to find a way to make their presence known, especially online, which is where service providers like us can come in and lend a helping hand.

OperationROI has been approved by the Amazon Service Provider Network. Being accepted means we’ve been vetted by the Amazon SPN team and been certified in Account Management, Advertising Optimization, Cataloging, Imaging, and Enhanced Brand Content.

We are a full-service e-commerce marketing agency that has helped hundreds of brands and sellers on Amazon. Our team of Amazon experts leverages data-driven methodologies to scale Amazon businesses for our clients.

Selecting the right service provider for Amazon will really depend on your unique needs and goals. At OperationROI, we are happy to help you assess your account and strategy to develop the best way to drive more traffic and increase sales. Learn how we help our clients sell more products on Amazon.

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