Everything You Need To Know About the Amazon Ads Partner Network

By May 23, 2022Amazon
A Look At The Amazon Ads Partner Network

If you sell products online, you probably understand the importance of advertising. But did you know Amazon is now the third-biggest advertising network behind Google and Facebook? With $31 billion in ad revenue, you can not ignore Amazon advertising.

If you sell on Amazon and you’re not advertising, you need to start. If you already are advertising on there but aren’t seeing the results you want, then it’s time to make changes.

But how do you navigate the Amazon ad space without getting lost, wasting time and money, and creating brand awareness?

The answer? The Amazon Ads Partner Network. It’s Amazon’s solution to make finding an ad partner, or an Amazon ad expert, easier.

Curious to know how it works? Keep reading to learn all about the Amazon Ads Partner Network, and what it can do for your business.

What Is the Amazon Ads Partner Network?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Amazon Ads Partner Network, you’re not alone. It’s relatively new only being introduced only in the last year. The network allows global agencies to help advertisers (sellers) achieve their business goals via advertising on Amazon.

Advertisers can search the directory for partners. Filters allow them to search by products, services, markets, or pricing models to find the right partner that has the specific experience the vendor needs.

Regular, Verified, and Advanced Partner Status

When searching the Amazon Ads Partner Network, you are going to see three types of partners: regular, verified, and advanced. To earn a different level status, each partner has some specific qualifications that must be met by Amazon. Once achieved, a partner can use their status in their marketing.

Advertisers can consult the partner directory for trusted partners, instead of reaching out to an agency and hoping they understand Amazon ads.

Listed On The Directory

Agencies can register with the Partner Network to access marketing and learning resources. It allows partners to showcase services to prospective clients with a listing in the
Amazon Ads partner directory. Setting up your Partner Network account consists of 5 steps.

  1. Register your business (response time is typically 72 hours)
  2. Add users
  3. Link your login with Amazon Applications (if applicable)
  4. Link advertisers
  5. Submit your partner directory listing

Amazon Ads Verified Partners

An Amazon Ads Verified Partner is a partner who advertisers (and the partner’s employees have linked to) and has an Amazon-approved partner directory listing.

Registered partners on the Partner Network have the opportunity to demonstrate expertise with Amazon Ads products, earning validation checkmarks. The checkmark for passed verification means that the partner has been verified by Amazon as having at least two associates who have passed product certifications. Amazon also requires the partner to have recent campaign activity.

OperationROI is a Verified Partner.
You can check out our partner directory listing here. As you can see our listing mentions the products and services we support. It also mentions our pricing, supported languages and marketplace, and our office location.

Amazon Ads Advanced PartnersAmazon Ads Advanced Partner Logo

An Amazon Ads Advanced Partner is a qualified partner who has met specific metrics in one of two areas.

The first is by meeting certain metrics for Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform), which allows you to programmatically buy ads. For Amazon DSP, the partner must be in the 90th percentile of partner-led investments by country for Amazon DSP.

The second way to qualify is by being in the 95th percentile of partner-led investments by country for Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Why Connect With a Partner?

Connecting with an Amazon Ads Partner agency allows a company to drive brand awareness, increase sales, and prioritize profitable campaigns. An agency can manage your Amazon ad campaign, conduct keyword optimization, and increase your seller rating by evaluating your current seller feedback and product reviews.

Sellers can use automatic campaigns for paid ads on Amazon, but this leaves the keyword discretion to Amazon.

A partner can manage a client’s entire ad campaign, including Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, or Sponsored Brand ads. By having a partner manually manage their Amazon ads, they can have handpicked keywords, ensuring their ad spending is used efficiently.

These reasons alone would be enough to find a partner, but there’s one more — Brand Stores.

The Power of Brand Stores

Mojo Compression Amazon Brand Store Example

Your brand store serves as your brand’s “home” on Amazon. It’s a digital storefront made from templates and modules supplied by Amazon, albeit with some customization options.

A brand store can be reached through your brand’s byline (this is the brand name link displayed above or under product names on a product’s detail page). Your brand store can also be discovered via search results by Amazon shoppers.

Outside of Amazon, you can send visitors from your website or social media pages to your store via sharing your store page. You can use your store’s short URL (i.e. amazon.com/xyzbrand).

The benefits of a brand store include:

  • Ability to update your content and messaging
  • Informing customers about special promos and seasonal campaigns
  • Improving the user experience across mobile and desktop platforms
  • Driving traffic from external sources to your brand page
  • Having a highly engaging storefront with video and images
  • Ability to use sponsored brand ads

If this all sounds great — it is! But it can also be a lot to manage, which is why OperationROI offers Brand Store development. Our team understands the design limitations and formatting specifications that Amazon requires for text, video, and images.

We will work with you to review your products and categories to ensure that your brand page fits your brand style and educates potential customers about your products.

Before you get started, make sure you are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. The chief benefit of Brand Registry is that it helps protect your intellectual property and holds counterfeiters accountable. It can also help connect you with legal firms that can file a trademark on your behalf.

Find the Right Partner

The Amazon Ads Partner Network can be your one-stop-shop for all your Amazon advertising help, but make sure to choose the right partner.

As e-commerce specialists, we can get your Amazon store up and running, saving you time and preventing costly mistakes. Already have a store? We can help manage your store for you, develop your brand, and put your products in front of shoppers.

Give us a call at 1-888-277-5429, or book a free review call with one of our experts. You have a business to focus on so let us take care of your e-commerce advertising.

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