Brand Stores on Amazon: How They Help You Make More Sales

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If you sell on Amazon, then you’ve often wondered about how to increase sales. One way to help increase your exposure both on and off Amazon is with a Brand Store. If you’re not familiar with Brand Stores you can read our previous article titled “The New Amazon Stores: Everything Brands And Sellers Need to Know“. A Brand Store comes highly recommended not just from Amazon itself, but the many sellers that use it. But, why create an Amazon Store? One of its primary benefits is that it’s free if you are part of the Amazon Brand Registry. An even better benefit is it has been shown to be effective at driving new traffic. So, exactly how do Brand Stores help you to boost sales?

Amazon Store Insights

Before we delve into ways to boost your sales, we need to discuss one of the Brand Store’s greatest features….its analytics. New analytics data is now provided in the new Amazon Store Insights. Amazon refers to the analytical data it provides as Insights.  This new data can help companies drill-sown on current sales and traffic, so they may set realistic goals for the near future.

Here are some of the important metrics you get access to:

  • Details on traffic sources
  • Total value of sales within 14 days of the last visit
  • Total number of units sold within 14 days of the last visit
  • Average number of page views during a specified time period
  • Average number of unique pages that visitors view daily on the store
  • The total number of unique users or devices that access one or more pages every day

Enjoy a Better ACoS for Ads

Sellers and Amazon marketers agree that Amazon Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) is the best advertising tool on the platform. It is most effective when paired with the right targeted keywords and landing pages. Companies like Vermont Teddy Bear use strategies that rely on keyword-targeted ads to find the best potential customers.

According to Amazon, the return on advertising investment from this method doubled the performance of offsite ad campaigns. This is hardly surprising considering how much of the e-commerce market share Amazon currently owns.


Provides a Curated Branding Experience

In the past, when online stores used Amazon for selling their goods, they often displayed their product catalog on another website and then directed customers to Amazon via links. Amazon prevents the need for this by now allowing brands to create a curated branding experience. In the past consumers didn’t care who the seller was, but as larger and more reputable brands sell products on Amazon consumers are paying more-and-more attention. This helps brands to distinguish themselves on Amazon and build loyal repeat customers.

Amazon provides an example of one Amazon Brand Store that saw an increase in sales because of this new shopping experience. The company created a store that allowed customers to shop for decorations by occasions while providing complementary suggestions. They saw a 51% increase in units ordered for each sale compared to regular Amazon sales.

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Funnels Sales of Your Own Products to You

Did you know you may not be the only person on Amazon selling your products? Sometimes the other quality sellers may just be retail stores like Best Buy, or larger brand selling direct-to-consumer like Bose. Other times, the seller may just have posted a low-quality unauthorized listing. In the worst possible instance, you may be looking at counterfeit products.

These sellers can all divert sales away from your store, allowing someone else to profit from your product. Amazon helps to protect against this by ensuring brands have proved their legitimacy by requiring proof of an active registered Trademarks provided by the USPTO. This helps to ensure that the brands have full control of their product information and brand identity. And a recent addition to the brand toolset is the ability to get counterfeit products easily removed from Amazon.

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The Creative Freedom To Build a True Brand

Think of your favorite brand. This could be anything from a clothing brand to a café. What is it about that brand that keeps you coming back? How often do you go out of your way to skip over other competitive options to get that brand’s products or services, even when it means driving further distances or paying more money?

This is the kind of loyalty you want to build up for your store, but to do this, customers must begin to see all your offerings as coming from one company. They must be able to tie your products to one brand. The messaging and content must be consistent. The Amazon Brand Store platform provides the freedom to create a storefront that can achieve this. In fact, the creative freedom an Amazon Brand Store provides beats that of Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content.

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Share Your Story

Sometimes it’s loyalty or a sense of familiarity that keeps people coming back, more so than branding. According to Forbes, millennials are now the largest living group of consumers as well as the most diverse. This contributes to making millennials, as a group, more committed to supporting companies that represent or support social causes.

This doesn’t always require a company to set up a charity or partner with non-profits. Sometimes a company’s mere existence supports a cause. For instance, minority-owned and women-owned businesses may attract feminists and consumers who are dedicated to supporting diversity. Thus, companies should make use of videos, text, and photos to share more than just their product specs but share their stories. The Amazon Brand Store is another place brands can share these stories or direct potential customers from other social websites outside of Amazon.

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You Can Rely on Professional Help

Amazon understands that many store owners need assistance with setting up the perfect online shopping experience. Because of this, the platform allows owners to share storefront access with other professionals, or even other members of their team. You can then set permissions as you see fit.

At OperationROI, developing, maintaining and improving e-commerce marketing is what we do best. We are especially interested in helping you to enjoy all the benefits of an Amazon Brand Store. This requires getting the store set up the right way the first time. Contact us or call at 888-277-5429 with any questions you may have about our Amazon Brand Store development services.

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