The New Amazon Stores: Everything Brands And Sellers Need to Know

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Amazon Stores from Brands

Amazon Brand Stores are an option for sellers on the site to more effectively advertise their products. It is a free service that allows sellers to create a single page or multiple pages to showcase their wide selection of products as well as their brand. As long as an individual is a brand owner for a page, he or she will be capable of easily and cost-effectively creating a unique Amazon store.

How to Create an Amazon Brand Store

To get started with Amazon stores, you first need to log into your Seller Central account. As long as you are enrolled as in Amazon’s Brand Registry, you will find a button labeled “Create Store.” In the event you are not currently enrolled, you can register easily so that you can qualify to create one.

First, you need to select a template you want for your store. These include:

  • Blank: Provides you with full customization with the layout.
  • Product Grid: Allows you to showcase a vast array of products.
  • Highlight: Permits you to show one primary product in addition to related items.
  • Marquee: Promotes several different product lines and acts as a sub-brand or brand gateway page.

Once you decide what template you want, you can then edit anything you want in the builder. There is the primary Page Manager, which gives you full optimization of the pages within the store. The Preview Window allows you to see how the store looks like as it is edited now. A status bar is provided to show any error messages as they come up. Finally, there is a title manager, which allows you to customize the tiles themselves.

Once you are happy with how the store looks, you are ready to publish it. It takes a few days for the store to be reviewed and approved. To ensure a speedy turnaround, review the guidelines exactly to reduces your chances of getting denied.

What Are Some of the Perks of Having an Amazon Store?

There are several benefits sellers receive once they have an Amazon store up-and-running. For starters, you receive an integrated promotion. There are built-in social media features to utilize with the stores. One of these features is the Sponsored Brand Ad. This allows you to promote your store on other Amazon pages by creating a banner that will be displayed at the top of result pages. The great thing about this ad is you get to choose how much you want to spend totally on the ad campaign.

You can also enhance consumers’ experiences by choosing a dynamic assortment of products to display. There are also unique design options. There are a number of templates to choose from, so you can choose what is best for your store. It also allows you to optimize it enough, so it will simply not look like every other store out there.

Amazon Branded Storefronts

One final benefit is that it is truly easy to set an Amazon store up, and if you already possess a Seller Central account, then there is no reason to avoid having one. It only takes a matter of minutes to establish a store, and the simple interface means that even if you have no experience doing this kind of thing before, you can effortlessly figure it out.

How Will This Benefit Sellers?

The primary goal for this feature is ultimately to make the shopping experience easier for consumers. Amazon always seems to be looking for new, innovative ways to help customers find what they need. It may not replace the traditional way of finding items, but it could serve as an additional avenue for people to take. Some people may prefer stores while others will continue to like the traditional model. Only time will tell.

Amazon stores are a relatively new addition to Amazon’s catalog. There are plenty of ways for the company to expand this service, such as selecting “popular” brands to advertise on search results pages. It could also be a way for Amazon to see which sellers are serious about expanding their business and which ones are not.

Getting started is simple, and if you have not already registered your brand, you can begin here. A number of tools are available to help your business, so start promoting your business more effectively with the aid of Amazon.

Not Taking Advantage of Amazon Stores?

There are so many tools and ways to market products on Amazon, that is can be difficult to identify the opportunities that are worth investing the time and energy. Amazon Stores are one of those areas that brands should absolutely take advantage of, as consumers are becoming more aware of what brands they are buying from on Amazon.

If you are new to Amazon and have never dealt with creating storefronts, then you want to first identify what content you want to convey and what product or categories to focus on before building out your store. Just like with everything else in Amazon, these stores will go through a review process that can take a couple of weeks. It’s important to make sure that you create a store that meets Amazon’s guidelines and meets your brand’s marketing needs.

If you’re a brand and selling products on Amazon, you should absolutely be taking advantage of these new stores. If not, then we can help. To learn more about how OperationROI helps our clients market brands on Amazon, contact us at 1-888-277-5429, or by filling out our contact form.

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