Building Brand Awareness on Amazon – A Guide for Brands

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Building Brand Awareness on Amazon

It’s a common question we hear too often from leads and clients…how do we increase brand awareness on Amazon?

Fortunately, over the past couple of years, Amazon has provided more control to brands. They’ve launched new and effective ways to reach new customers and strengthen brand loyalty.

But just because Amazon has provided all of these new tools, does not mean that brands are taking advantage. Many brands still don’t fully understand how best to proceed with building awareness.

Strengthen Trust and Create New Customer Relationships

Connecting with consumers online has never been more important. The e-commerce landscape is evolving as the percentage of online shoppers increases and more brands are selling direct-to-consumer.

Brands need to do a better job at standing out and communicating with consumers. They must build a better brand experience, by letting consumers understand who they are. Consumers are getting smarter, so they need to educate them on things like the brand’s corporate missions and company values. It’s not just enough that your product resonates with consumers. Brands need to strengthen their trust online and build new customer relationships to convert more sales.

The following contains some of the techniques and strategies we use to help the brands create more brand awareness on Amazon.

Optimizing The Product Detail Page

The product detail page also called the product listing or product page is typically the first exposure a consumer will get with your products and brand on Amazon. It’s important that the listing is very descriptive and thoroughly explains the uses and benefits of the product. This is also a great opportunity to begin educating the consumer about the brand.

The product listing has seven key areas that brands should focus on when creating or optimizing product listings. These key areas consist of the title, product details, product imagery, description, Buy Box, customer questions, and product reviews. Each of the seven areas plays a major factor in being found and converting sales on Amazon.

Not only is it important to write great content for the consumers, but Amazon’s algorithm uses the content to help determine relevancy in search results. Think about developing content like you would if you were doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website, but this is Amazon SEO. So it’s important the content contains relevant and highly searched keywords that will resonate with consumers’ search queries.

Above The Fold

When creating a product detail page certain elements will be seen immediately, and other elements can be seen once you scroll down the page. The elements seen immediately are considered to be above the fold.

The concept of above the fold goes back centuries, to the beginnings of the printing press. Above the fold is considered to be the upper half of the front page of a newspaper where the most important news story was located. Above the fold is also used in website design to refer to the portion of the webpage that is visible without scrolling.

Amazon has is very aware of the importance of the information located above the fold and has strategically placed the title, imagery, product details, and Buy Box all in this area. For brands working to build an identity, the first task should be making sure these elements are fully optimized. The first element that we will focus on in this area is the product title.

The Product Title

The product title is very important in the search process as consumers will use the title to get basic information about a product. The title can persuade a consumer to click on the product or skip to the next search result. There are many articles on How To Write The Best Amazon Product Titles, but for a consumer, this may be the first time they are exposed to the brand. The title must be search-friendly, contain relevant information, and be consistent across all of the products sold by the brand.

The Product Details

The product details are the five bullet points that are typically located below the title and to the right of the image. The information presented in the bullet points is probably the most valuable content in the product listing. When thinking about Amazon SEO, this content is paramount as Amazon’s algorithm uses this information to understand the product. And for consumers, this is where they can start to decide if this is the product they are seeking. There are many great articles on How To Write The Best Amazon Product Details, but for a brand trying to build awareness, this is a great opportunity to include information about the brand’s history, corporate mission, or social projects that may shape their identity.

The Product Imagery

Product Imagery has become more and more important as e-commerce has flourished. Humans are inherently visual shoppers and the lack of being able to touch and feel a product when shopping online makes the imagery even more important.

The main product image should be shot on a white background and at least 1000 px or larger on either the height or width. For the remainder of the images, brands should take advantage by using the additional images to their advantage. The additional images can be used to show various details about products. These images can show the product from various angles, show different uses, used in lifestyle shots, and can provide additional information to better educate the customer with as much relevant information about the product as possible. This has become even more important for mobile users, as they tend to skip the product details and go straight to the product images.

And for brands, this is another opportunity to incorporate the brand’s look and feel onto the product page.

The Buy Box

The Buy Box is the 4th element above the fold that plays a role in seller visibility. You cannot advertise your product if you are not winning the Buy Box. While you cannot optimize for it, there are strategies to help increase the amount of time you are winning the Buy Box.

Below The Fold

The top portion of the product detail page is critically important to being found. However, if the consumer isn’t positive that this is the correct product they may begin to scroll down the page to get more information. Amazon provides a few more several more opportunities to further showcase information about the product and brand.

The Description

Further down on the product detail page you will come across the description. In my opinion, the description has gotten lost on the page over the years. While it may be lost and below the fold, it still holds value for both Amazon’s algorithm and consumers as this is another opportunity to focus on the product and brand. Remember as you create your content you don’t want to constantly repeat the same facts and details about the product. If a consumer has not hit the “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons yet, then they are still seeking additional information. That is why it is imperative to use each section of the product listing to focus on as much of the product as possible.

Customer Questions

Savvy brands have figured out that there are still additional opportunities to further enhance the brand reputation by answering customer questions. The Customer Questions & Answers section is another chance to strengthen the brand’s relationship with customers by answering questions. The brands need to answer these questions correctly, as other consumers can answer them as well. So if a potential customer is asking a question about your products, providing swift and accurate answers can help increase the product conversion rates.

Product Reviews

This is one of the sections of the product page which has been abused over and over by brands and their competitors. For many years brands could respond to all of the product reviews. This was a great opportunity for the brands to respond to both positive and negative feedback.

However, over that time the number of fake reviews and fake feedback was used to both help and hurt products. Amazon has cracked down fake reviews and removed the ability to comment on reviews, leaving sellers with no way to give their side of the story or provide customer support. Amazon has announced a new “Contact Customer” tool that brands can now respond to negative reviews with ratings below 3 stars. Unfortunately, one of the main criticisms of “Contact Customer” tools is that it’s too limited only allowing two canned responses for sellers.

Additional Opportunities for Increased Brand Awareness

Optimizing the product listing is a key step in the process of increasing brand awareness. But it is not the only way brands improve visibility.

Enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

By enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry, you gain greater control over product detail pages and enhanced security over your products and brand representation. You also get access to Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads, A+ Content, and Amazon Brand Stores just to name a few options brands can leverage once they are Brand Registered. By maintaining control of the brand and how it is represented, brands can further increase credibility with consumers.

A+ Content / A+ Pages

If you’ve gone through the Brand Registry process and been approved by Amazon, then as the brand owner, you now have additional tools available to help further promote your products and brand. The first tool that you can take advantage of on the product detail page is A+ Content (also referred to as A+ Pages).

A+ Content replaces the product description. Brands can describe the product features and details in various ways by including enhanced imagery, text placements, and information about the brand. Much like the description, the A+ Content should not just reiterate what was above the fold. The purpose of the A+ Content is to boost customer confidence in the product and the brand.

When developing A+ Content brands need to think about what information is going to be used and how best to present that information with the templates and modules allowed by Amazon. Amazon has stated that A+ Content can increase conversion rates by as much as 10%, which is why planning and execution are important. And depending on the modules you use, brands have the space to tell a unique brand story or cross-sell additional products.

Amazon Brand Store

If your brand has been approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry, then creating a Brand Store is another way to communicate with consumers. Think of the Brand Store as a mini-website that is hosted with the Amazon ecosystem.

The Brand Store allows brands to focus on various aspects of the brand and product catalog. The store can be set up with various pages that can contain brand messaging, enhanced photography, videos, and products. This is a great place for brands to showcase products, categories, corporate missions, and company values. The store can have navigation with multiple pages and nested pages with drop-down menus. And the Brand Store link will be located just above or below the product title on all of the brand’s products.

The execution of building a Brand Store is important because the store and the additional pages within the store can be used as landing pages for your Sponsored Brand ads. According to Amazon, these landing pages have better conversion rates than landing on product pages.

Amazon has also realized the value of the Brand Store as brands are using them as landing pages for off-site traffic. Amazon now provides performance insight metrics so that brands can track the traffic being driven to the store. So you can now add tracking codes to your social ads or other advertising that you may be direct to Amazon.

Amazon Advertising

Another way brands increase awareness is through Amazon Advertising. All sellers on Amazon can and should take advantage of the advertising opportunities provided by Amazon.

Sponsored Products

The most common is Sponsored Products ads which look like most listings in the search results with the exception of the word “Sponsored” tastefully placed in the bottom corner of the ad. This advertising is available to all sellers. There is plenty of information available online on how best to use Sponsored Products.

Sponsored Products Ad Example Sonic Alert  Sponsored Products Ad Example Discovery Toys  Sponsored Products Ad Example Prana Pets Sponsored Products Ad Example Good Life Naturals  Sponsored Products Ad Example Essiac  

Sponsored Brands

Registered brands on Amazon are also allowed to take advantage of other advertising opportunities such as Sponsored Brands. These ads come in two different formats: banner ads and video ads.

Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored Brand ads are ads that typically reside in the banner at the top of the search results page. These ads can show the brand’s logo along with 2-3 products. These ads can drive traffic to specific product pages, custom landing pages, or the Brand Store. The Sponsored Brand ads when linked to a Brand Store usually have a better return on ad spend than when linking to a product page.

Sponsored Brands Ad Example Discovery Toys

Sponsored Brands Ad Example Essiac

Sponsored Brands Ad Example Extreme Mist

Sponsored Brands Video Ads

A newer member of the Amazon Advertising toolset is Sponsored Brands video ads. Videos provide a new way for brands to stand out in shopping results. Videos can be between 6 and 45 seconds long. These ads can show up on both desktop and mobile devices within the search results page. These demonstrative and product-focused ads are helping customers discover new brands and products as they shop on Amazon.

Sponsored Video Ad Example Tactical Traps

Sponsored Video Ad Example Extreme Mist

Sponsored Video Ad Example Essiac

Adding Videos to Product Listings and the Brand Store

Last, but certainly not least is the ability for registered brands to now add videos to products pages and store pages. Many brands across various categories are already leveraging video because it converts more customers. Videos are a far more engaging way to present information. Videos demand more customer attention than other ad formats which creates higher retention rates.

Having video on product listings may answer questions customers might have, thus saving you from potential negative reviews. Successful sellers on Amazon are aware that providing as much relevant information as possible about the product and brand will help increase conversion rates.

And let’s not forget that videos are also great for SEO. A lot of brands developing more and more video content. Including a video in your product listing can increase the likelihood that your customers will find you when searching for relevant information.

Why Brands Need To Focus On Brand Awareness

When speaking with brands that sell direct-to-consumer on Amazon, we commonly hear “we want to build more brand awareness.” But many brands aren’t entirely sure how to execute a plan for increased brand awareness on Amazon. And for that matter, many brands don’t understand the best ways to leverage the additional tools provided to approved brands.

As Amazon has given brands more control, consumers have become more aware of the brands. This brand awakening has created more brand loyalty which equates to more repeat purchases. Brands that are using tools like the Brand Store and Sponsored Brand ads have seen increased conversion rates. Even the percentage of reviews received is higher for brands due to the increased awareness.

It’s pretty simple, brands can embrace Amazon or not. If your brand is Brand Registered with Amazon then there are huge growth opportunities available. Amazon is more competitive than ever before so brands need to be evaluating their strategies in order to stay ahead.

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