Understanding The Difference Between A+ Pages and Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

By June 30, 2017October 10th, 2019Amazon
A+ Pages compared to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Amazon has many ways for sellers to enhance their listings to attract more buyers. Two of the most popular methods are through enhancing content. Amazon currently has two methods of enhancing content through A+ Detail Pages and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Both A+ pages and EBC increase sales, when used correctly, yet the main difference between them is the type of account needed to use them. We will look at their similarities and difference and help you weight out which option are available for your seller account.

What Are A+ Detail Pages?

A+ Detail Pages combine detailed descriptions, images, charts, and narrative copy onto your product pages. Amazon boasts that this program will help sellers engage more users on their product pages and help increase sales by 3-10%.

What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Enhanced Brand Content allows third-party sellers to add additional information to help boost your sales. With EBC you can add more descriptive text to your products and add additional images. Amazon has claimed that by using EBC you will have higher conversion rates, increase your sales traffic, and increase sales.

What are the Similarities Between A+ Pages and Enhanced Brand Content?

A+ Pages and EBC enhance your product and help drive sales through additional text and photos on your product listing pages. Here’s how:

  • Build your brand’s look, feel, and awareness
  • Give examples on how to use your products either through text or photo content.
  • Shows more photos of your product, so more details are provided
  • Allows more text to be written, so more detailed descriptions
  • Can answer questions your customers may have

What are the Differences Between A+ Pages and Enhanced Brand Content?

As noted before, the main difference between the two is the availability to different Amazon sellers.

Enhanced Brand Content:

Currently is available to authorized, and registered, third-party sellers only. The seller must be verified to sell products for their brand through the Brand Registry.

  • Price: Free
  • Seller Account: Third-Party Seller (Seller Central)
  • Can Be Found: In the Product Description section
  • Benefits: Has five different layout options for content and pictures.


A+ Detail Pages:

Currently is available to any authorized seller through the Vendor Central.

  • Price: Free to start but can cost hundreds or thousands depending on the options you chose.
  • Seller Account: First-Party Seller (Vendor Central)
  • Can Be Found: In the “From the manufacturer” section of the page.
  • Benefits: Has 12 different modules that have advanced settings for animated functions like image change with scroll over. There are seven header options with banner and image options and three feature options with more text for explaining in detail products.


Are A+ Pages or Enhanced Brand Content Better for Me?

This is a question that will be determined by whether you’re a first-party or third-party seller. If you’re a third-party seller, with your own brands, then you can use EBC. If you’re a first-party seller then A+ is the choice for you.

Both A+ and EBC pages allow you to tell the story of your brand, explain how your products are different from other brands, and showcases your brands value over others. The biggest difference between the two is accessibility. Any brand owner can get EBC, but selling first-party is a more selective process by Amazon and costs more to get going. While both allow rich content to be created, A+ has more modules and lets you focus on heavy descriptions through large text and image creation.
No matter which you use, both tools will help you increase your search engine optimization. There is some speculation that EBC pages do a better job of this. Regardless, SEO has never been Amazon’s main focus on selling their products.

Enhanced Content Next Steps

If you’re still unsure about the next steps for creating enhanced content for your products, we can help direct your business in the right direction on Amazon. To learn more about how OperationROI helps our clients sell more on Amazon, contact us at 1-888-277-5429, or by filling out our contact form.

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