Developing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Pages for Amazon

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Amazon has created many different features to help their sellers sell more of their products and build up their businesses. One of these features is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) which allows seller account brand owners to showcase their products through enhanced images and text placements. In a digital age where consumers have a short attention span, catching their attention with beautiful pictures and perfectly placed text can be the difference between a sale or a loss.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

EBC pages are only available to third-party sellers (Seller Central) who have registered their brand with Amazon Brand Registry. Much like A+ detail pages, with EBC pages you can add additional information, more descriptive text, and add additional images. Amazon has claimed that by using EBC you will have higher conversion rates, increase your sales traffic, and increase sales. We’ve seen increases in conversions from 3% – 10% on EBC pages.

Enhanced Brand Content Examples

How to Start with Enhanced Brand Content

First, you must be an authorized third-party seller to get started with EBC pages. If you want to become a third-party seller, you can register on Seller Central, however before doing so make sure you read up on the pros and cons of between first-party and third-party sellers to make sure you make the best selection for your business.

If you are already a third-party seller you will only be allowed to add EBC to products that are part of your brand. Products that are not part of your brand must be developed through better headlines, product details, descriptions, and marketing efforts.

If your account and products qualify for EBC then you can start enhancing your product’s content. EBC is free, as of the date of this article, however, in all likelihood, Amazon will charge for the privilege if it proves successful.

Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon


How to Choose the Right Enhanced Brand Content Module

There are five different layouts that you can choose from when deciding the best module for your enhanced brand content. This is the most flexibility that you will have with EBC, as even your descriptions will need to be approved by Amazon.

The five types of layouts move around the text boxes and images, allowing you to choose the best layout to showcase your products. You should choose the best layouts that work with your products and business models to target your audience. For example, if your product is geared to a younger audience than a layout with more images will be your better option as the younger audience has a shorter attention span when it comes to reading text online.

What are the Enhanced Brand Content Rules?

Besides the need for brand registry and content to be approved, Amazon has a list of rules you need to follow when using EBC. Submissions will be rejected Amazon’s guidelines regarding these pages are not followed. For regular Amazon sellers, these rules, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Amazon has many rules around seller accounts which help keep sellers accountable and Amazon reliable.

List of Rules:

  1. Don’t reference your company as a seller or distributor.
  2. Don’t include any company contact information in the descriptions.
  3. Don’t compare or mention your competitor’s products.
  4. Seller reauthorization is not allowed, example “This product is a product only sold by authorized resellers”
  5. Don’t use pricing or promotion information, example “lowest price on Amazon”
  6. No information about shipping details or timelines.
  7. No copyright or trademark symbols.
  8. Don’t post information about customer reviews.
  9. content from third parties (such as quotes from magazine articles).
  10. Images must be high quality, no pixelated or low-resolution images.
  11. Don’t promise warranties or guarantees.
  12. Don’t include images or text that attempts to mimic the Amazon logo.
  13. Don’t include images or logos from brands other than your own.
  14. Don’t try to publish an EBC description with grammatical errors.
  15. Don’t mention your product in connection with any kind of criminal activity.

The list is a little long, and the rules most likely will change so make sure you stay up to date. Until then, and if you need help, reach out to us and we can help you get started.

Still Need Help With EBC Pages?

Amazon has a process for everything, and that holds true for creating and getting EBC pages approved. Understanding how to best work with this additional content can help increase sales. Now’s the time to review your products and see which would be good candidates for EBC pages. OperationROI is committed to helping your business identify and implement new opportunities with our Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Development. For more information on building successful EBC content, call us at 1-888-277-5429, use our contact form, or click the link below to learn more.

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