Walmart’s Marketplace Grows To Over 1,000 Sellers

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Walmart’s Marketplace Grows To Over 1,000 Sellers

Exciting Growth For Ecommerce Sellers and

Walmart’s marketplace, which launched in 2009, now hosts products from more than 1,000 sellers, and offers more than 10 million SKUs, doubling its 5 million it offered in April.

To further demonstrate its growth, the marketplace is also adding more than 1 million SKUs per month to its marketplace, according to Tri Huynh, director of business development for Marketplace. This exciting growth has made it possible for the folks at Walmart to look closely at rounding out its marketplace offering, including potentially adding a fulfillment service in the near future, similar to Fulfillment by Amazon.

Becoming A Seller On Walmart’s Marketplace

There’s no denying the tremendous growth happening over at Walmart’s marketplace. So, how can you become a part of that momentum?

Currently, merchants have to be invited or submit a request to sell on the marketplace. Walmart is in search of merchants with proven track records of good service and experience on other selling marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. More specifically, Huynh has said that Walmart seeks sellers of private-label products and electronics, apparel and accessories, and home and sporting goods.

After a merchant is approved to sell on the marketplace, it could take as few as a couple of days to get up and running (although the average is more like 2-4 weeks). Walmart marketplace sellers can work with vendors like OperationROI to help retailers sell on online marketplaces. The latest numbers suggest that attracts more than 80 million unique visitors a month. In search results, the site displays marketplace items from outside sellers alongside its own products. The lowest price gets the buy box. Walmart then takes a cut of the selling price depending on the product (with the fee ranging from 6% for a PC to around 20% for jewelry).

Keep in mind that Walmart did just recently acquire; however, the two marketplaces will continue to operate separately, at least for now.

Getting Prepared To Sell On Walmart’s Marketplace

There is no question that Walmart is looking to continue to grow its marketplace by adding reputable sellers. The key for you is to prove your reputation.

As specialists in dealing with Marketplace Management, the OperationROI team can help you build the portfolio, reputation, and selling history that Walmart looks for in its sellers. This includes auditing your current Amazon/eBay strategies and making improvements as needed. Being a seller on Walmart’s marketplace would have made perfect business sense a few months ago, solely on the expansive growth of the retail giant. But now, with the acquisition of, retailers can’t afford not to do what they can to get onboard.

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