Walmart Offers Shoppers Discounts On Online Orders Picked Up In Stores

By July 13, 2017July 17th, 2017Walmart
Save Money with Walmart In Store Pickup

Looks like Walmart is following in suit of their competitors, Amazon. While Amazon offers Prime and pickup locations for certain items, Walmart has started to offer Walmart Pickup.

Walmart Store Pickup allows customers to order items online and pick them up in any Walmart store, that has the items in stock, for free.

Shopping Just Got A Lot Easier

Sometimes when you go to a store like Walmart you have a shopping list or a mental list with three or four items. You grab a cart and head into the store and find yourself leaving an hour later with 20 other things that you didn’t know you needed. Often we end up returning these items but more often than not we end up spending hours of our time browsing and waiting in line when we only needed a few things to begin with.

Walmart talked to their customers and listened to their frustrations and Pickup has become the solution. Walmart serves more than 140 million customers a week just in store, that’s a lot of foot traffic. Families and people who are busy no longer have to worry about all that foot traffic because Pickup serves you where you are.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

Last year Walmart acquired and in doing so Lore, co-founder of, became president and CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce. ran a Smart Cart program which offered discounts to shoppers if they purchased more of a specific product or forego the right to return. So, it is safe to assume this move comes from’s previous genius.

How It Works

There are different ways you can pickup your items through:

  • Grocery Pickup – Order online, pickup in your car.
  • Savings Pickup – Receive discounts on certain items.
  • Pickup Today – Order online and pickup today in store.

Grocery Pickup

Grocery Pickup is simple to use. You order your groceries online, select your pickup time and Walmart location, and then at pickup time drive to the location. The amazing thing is, you don’t have to get out of your car. A Walmart employee will deliver your groceries to your car in minutes! This is a great option for people who may be sick, injured, or are just in a rush to pick up their items and get back home. Grocery Pickup is available in 600 locations now, but will be added to another 500 locations by the end of the year.

Savings Pickup

Want to save money when you order items from Walmart? On top of their guaranteed low prices, Walmart will be offering discounts through Savings Pickup. Shop certain items, through the millions of options, at and save money if you chose Pickup Discount as a filter. These items will also be free pickup in store and you can potentially save more if you don’t need it right away and have it shipped in 2 days.

Example: A car seat listed on is $300.00 in store. Using the Savings Pickup filter you can save $60.00. Using the 2 Day Shipping and Pickup option you can save almost $100.00 on the car seat.

Pickup Today

Pickup Today allows a customer to order in-store items through the web portal and then pick up, the same day, at the store. Once at the store you approach a Pickup desk where a department manager or Walmart staffer will approach you and help you with your pickup. This means no wait time and quick delivery.

The Walmart App

To streamline the process Walmart has also updated their app to work with the Pickup feature. When you go to your store location you can can notify the store that you are on your way which allows employees to get your items ready. You can also use the app to shop while you are shopping in store, like if you want an item but they are out of stock. Simply order through the app and pickup later.

The Future Of Walmart

In terms of retail, Walmart is stepping up to the technology game. By adding more online options and incorporating new features into their app they are on their way to creating and defining the future of shopping for all.

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