Walmart Brand Portal — Optimizing Your Brands and Intellectual Property

By February 8, 2022Walmart
Walmart Brand Portal — Optimizing Your Brands and Intellectual Property

The Walmart Brand Portal is a comprehensive online resource for managing your brand’s Intellectual Property (IP). The portal is designed to help you create and protect a strong brand identity for your business. Walmart’s Brand Portal will help keep your brand consistent across

Why Use Walmart’s Brand Portal

Small to medium-sized businesses can supplement their existing business plans with a strong digital brand to drive success. Walmart’s Brand Portal offers the tools you need to manage your brand identity in one place on Walmart. With the portal, brands can monitor and react quickly to protect their intellectual property. Intellectual Property management is a key driver of business success. The centralized location makes it easy to find all the available information in one place.

How Does It Help Brands Manage Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property violations on Walmart have been a challenge for brands. The brand portal has revolutionized the way in which brands can protect their product listings from IP violations.

Previously if brands suspected fraud or instances of incorrect content they would need to prove that suspicious activity was happening around those items in dispute. Then a case needed to be filed with Walmart support to request the removal of the incorrect product listing.

With Walmart’s newly launched Brand Portal, you can now manage your various brands, and submit and track multiple types of intellectual property claims all from one easy-to-use interface. Businesses can ensure that their IP assets are properly protected and effectively used to promote their brand.

Benefits of Using The Brand Portal

The Walmart Brand Portal is a secure web application that helps brands manage their Intellectual property.

Manage your brand in one place with Walmart's Brand Portal

Manage all of your brands in one location

The portal enables brands to:

  • Add as many brands as you want to (with an active trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO))
  • Submit intellectual property claims
  • Track intellectual property claims
  • Receive updated reporting
  • Manage authorized representatives

Protect your brand and intellectual property in one place with the new Brand Portal from WalmartProtecting the brand

IP theft is becoming increasingly common, and Walmart wants to help you protect your brand. The portal is designed with a system that not only helps you submit claims but also tracks any suspicious activity. This way your brand can stay protected as well by having their own representative submit the information themselves or by using an authorized third party.

Any of these four claim types can be filed:

  1. Patent
  2. Counterfeit
  3. Copyright
  4. Trademark

Monitor everything in one dashboard using Walmart's new Brand PortalTrack claims in one dashboard

The claim process is a lot easier than it sounds! You’ll never have to worry about finding updates or information on your submitted claims because they’re all organized in one dashboard. All you need do when filing new ones, though — as well as monitoring their status and progress-is click away with the button that allows access at any time from anywhere. No more reaching out to Walmart’s customer service team for updates on claims.

Manage multiple brands at once

Walmart Brand Registry is a great way for businesses with active trademark registrations from the USPTO to list all of their brands on the platform. In addition, businesses can perform various actions like submitting intellectual property claims, managing authorized representatives, and running reports.

Who’s Eligible To Use The Walmart Brand Portal

The Walmart Brand Portal currently only accepts trademarks registered with the USPTO. This is in line with its U.S.-only requirements for applying to sell on its marketplace.

Eligibility depends on whether you are the rights owner with registered trademarks, an authorized third-party agency, or an authorized legal representative.


You must already have an account set up with Walmart Marketplace. To register with Brand Portal, you will need the following to get started:

  1. Contact and company information
  2. Your active trademark registration number from the USPTO
  3. A verifiable email address

Once you submit the application, it will be up for review. You can access the progress of your application via your new Walmart Brand Portal account.

Walmart Brand Portal Login Screen

Walmart Brand Portal vs. Amazon Brand Registry

The Walmart Brand Portal is the early adaptation of Amazon’s Brand Registry program. This is a big step for brands on Walmart who used to have reason to fear counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers. While it’s a step in the right direction, the brand portal is not as robust as Amazon’s Brand Registry. The intent of both programs is to allow the brand’s IP to be used as the brand intended, however, the level of protection capabilities they offer differ.

An Easier Way To Manage Your Brands And Intellectual Property

Walmart’s Brand Portal provides sellers with a simpler process and interface to manage brands and intellectual property. If you need help using the Brand Portal you can contact Walmart through their seller help. If this sounds too complicated and your brand needs guidance on how to effectively navigate selling on Walmart, then contact us today. Learn more about the e-commerce marketing solutions we offer and the platforms we manage, including Walmart’s Marketplace.

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