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Advertise on with the Walmart Sponsored Products Program

Walmart may not be the first company that comes to mind when you think of advertising your e-commerce company and products. But the industry-leading retail corporation is no longer limited to brick-and-mortar stores. Its online presence is not only healthy, but booming, and you can carve out your own space in it so your products get in front of the right audience, at the right time. Here’s what you should know about leveraging the retail giant’s world-renowned name and advertising services (including Walmart Sponsored Products) to sell your own products.

Walmart Marketplace Advertising Options

Although Walmart’s online advertising options are fairly new, they are ahead of their time in terms of strategy and results. While most advertising efforts focus on the customer at limited stages of the shopping journey, Walmart’s advertising services are designed to target and influence shoppers from the moment they first view an ad to the instant they finalize their purchase.

Here are a few of Walmart’s helpful advertising tools that you’ll want to tuck into your own marketing tool belt:

  • Sponsored Products (Pay-per-click)
  • Native Banner ads (Need to be a partner with the Walmart Media Group)
  • Catapults (Need to be a partner with the Walmart Media Group)
  • Site Search Features (Need to be a partner with the Walmart Media Group)

Diversified advertising formats help your products get in front of not just a large audience, but the right audience. Walmart’s Sponsored Products advertising is especially helpful for boosting your visibility online and helping you get more sales. By utilizing Walmart PPC, you can have confidence that your listings aren’t going to be buried in the vast results of search results where customers can’t find them. Instead, they’ll enjoy a front-and-center display position that attracts attention and clicks.Walmart Sponsored Products Advertising Example

The Power of Walmart’s Sponsored Products Program

Walmart Sponsored Products are pay-per-click (PPC) ads that give your product listings preferential, high-visibility placement in the Walmart marketplace. The program, previously known as Walmart Performance Ads, brings up your product listings anytime a shopper searches for a relevant term in the marketplace. As part of the Sponsored Products package, your items will be listed in full color underneath an eye-catching banner reserved for sponsored products

How Sponsored Products Can Benefit Your Business

There are many different ways you can leverage the power of Walmart paid search to benefit your business. Here are a few of the goals the program can help you achieve:

Boost conversions:

By getting your product listings in front of an audience that’s ready to buy, Sponsored Products can boost your conversions. You’ll also have access to revealing reports that show how your ads are performing.

Walmart Sponsored Products Advertising DashboardMake the most of your marketing spend:

Although it’s growing rapidly, Walmart’s marketplace still has less competition than Amazon, which means sellers have a higher chance of actually selling products. The more you sell, the more return you get on your initial marketing investment, which makes Walmart advertising one of the best ways to get the most value for your money.

Walmart Sponsored Products Campaign Dashboard

Test New Product Launches:

Continuously adding new product SKUs and testing their success is one of the best ways to optimize business growth. Walmart Sponsored Products assists in the product testing process by immediately getting your new listing in front of a huge audience of potential buyers. You can then judge the success of the new item by how many interests and returns it generates. Using this valuable information, you can stop wasting money on products that don’t sell and put your money toward products that are received well by consumers.

When you sign up for the Walmart Sponsored Products program, your listings can appear on search result pages, item pages, and category pages. They’ll also show up on shoppers’ mobile devices, desktops, and Walmart apps. Interested shoppers who already want and/or need your items will be able to find your products with ease, which means they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Who Can Advertise on

The Walmart self-serve PPC program is not yet available to all sellers. Participation requires approval from Walmart based on the seller’s meeting select performance criteria on

Getting started with Walmart Sponsored Products takes three easy steps

  1. To request access and confirm your eligibility for the program, please email with the following basic company details:
    • Company name
    • Your contact information (Name, phone number & email)
    • Legacy Seller ID
    • Seller Center Admin Email (the main and/or admin email address for your Seller Center account) and their full name
    • Number of SKUs you carry on
    • The category of products you sell
    • Your primary campaign objective
    • Your target audience
    • Indicate if you’re interested in an annual plan, specific seasons, and/or the holidays
    • Your anticipated budget
  2. Once approved, you will receive confirmation that you have been successfully onboarded.
  3. Log in to and start advertising!

Benefits of Selling With Walmart

If you want to understand which of your ads drive consumers to buy and which ads have little to no effect on purchasing decisions, you’ll appreciate the fact that Walmart has a “closed-loop” advertising system. This means that when you take advantage of Walmart advertising options, you’re covering every point along your consumer’s path. You’ll learn more about consumer shopping patterns and—most importantly—what influences them to buy.

Benefits of selling on Walmart include:

  • Identify your target consumer
  • Measure your media
  • Provide influential messaging
  • Reveal which ads lead to purchases and which do not

Walmart has access to the data of hundreds of millions of shoppers. Their advertising tools leverage this incredible amount of data to help you understand which groups of shoppers are most likely to purchase your products. Armed with this powerful information, you’ll have better success reaching the right shoppers with your strategic and targeted advertising efforts.

Get Started With Walmart Sponsored Products

If you manage an e-commerce business and you want an alternative to selling on Amazon, Walmart is a great option. Walmart Sponsored Products can help you experience greater success with your online sales goals. Contact us today so that we can understand more about your company and your advertising goals so we can help create a targeted advertising campaign that will start benefiting your business and customers today.

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