Social Media Review: What Is Klout?

By May 24, 2011April 25th, 2017Social Marketing

Klout ScoreSocial media. It’s everywhere nowadays, right? Seems like you can’t go anywhere on the web without seeing a button to “Like” a webpage, and you can’t meet new people without hearing the words, “Find me on Facebook!” Soon you’re amassing friends online through real friends and your commonly “liked” pages. But how much influence do you really have over these ghostly, online friends? This is where Klout steps in.

Klout’s creators have drawn up an equation to measure how much influence you have over your social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth. Your score is laid out between 1 and 100, and it’s based on 35 different variables. These variables measure your influenced based on Amplification Probability, True Reach, and Network Score. Your clicks, comments, posts, tweets, and retweets are all taken into account when calculating this score.
True Reach will give you an idea of how far your influence reaches. The algorithm that measures this variable will study your Facebook and Twitter followers, along with how engaged your audience is with your posts, how likely they are to read and react to your post, and share it with their friends.

Another key element here is the True Reach studies only active accounts, not inactive or deleted accounts; this will give you a more accurate reading. True Reach measures: friends, unique commenters and likers, retweet totals, follower to follow ratios, mutual followers, followers, mention and list counts, and back followed percentages.

Amplification Probability will show you how engaging and interesting your posts are. Measured within Amplification Probability are unique senders, follower´s mentions percentages, comment per post, retweet percentage, uniqueness, inbound messages per outbound content, likes per post, and how often you update content.
The Network Influence factor measures how captivating your content is. This score will give you information on how well you do on attracting attention of not only your friends, but the attention of other influencers. Measured within Network Influence are the following categories: unique senders, influence of followers, commenters and re-posters, influence of friends, influence of Likers and commenters, follower/following ratio, list inclusion, your mentioner’s influence, and followed back percentages.

Basically, think of Klout as your social media analytics. If you want to see what kind of influence you wield in your social network, look at Klout.

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