Understanding the Long-Lasting SEO Power of Evergreen Content

By December 22, 2016August 12th, 2019Search Engine Optimization
Understanding the Long-Lasting SEO Power of Evergreen Content

What Is Evergreen Content?

Part of your goal in advertising and marketing your brand to audiences is finding a way for folks online to keep coming back to your site.

One of the tried-and-true practices to reach this goal has been blogging. Producing relevant and engaging content not only helps you rank higher for key search terms, but it also gives you the opportunity to flex your authority in your industry and field.

But, and we know this goes without saying, producing constant content can be a nightmare. Do you really need to write blogs on a near-daily basis in order to keep up with your competitors?

No, you don’t, enter Evergreen Content.

Evergreen content is SEO content that remains continually relevant and fresh for your readers and audiences.

To gain a clearer understanding of what defines evergreen, let’s venture down the road of content that clearly is not.

  • News articles
  • Reports that rely on statistics as the driving force – particularly if those stats have a shelf life (a statistic like “the world has 7 billion people” isn’t going to change anytime soon, whereas “3 out of 10 Baby Boomers now use mobile to shop” might change over time).
  • Seasonal pieces
  • Content that’s built around a trend or fad

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what kind of content does fall under the evergreen umbrella?

  • Lists
  • Top Tips
  • How-To Tutorials
  • Encyclopedia Entries
  • Product Reviews
  • Videos

We should note, just because you create a list, for example, that doesn’t mean your content is automatically evergreen; but it’s a good start.

How To Generate Evergreen Ideas That Stand Out

The biggest obstacle you’ll likely encounter when trying to come up with evergreen content specific to your business is finding ideas that will stand out in the crowd. By now it seems like every topic’s been covered.

Even if that is the case, there are still ways for you to produce timeless pieces that hold some type of value to your readers:

  • Find a new perspective or viewpoint to a popular topic
  • Go into more depth and provide additional details
  • Look for long-tail keywords that have volume but not a ton of competition

Since evergreen content is designed to work for you over the long haul, it’s important to base these pieces on keywords you aim to rank for. This is where you can incorporate all that awesome keyword research you’ve performed for your ad campaigns.

By creating evergreen pieces around the same phrases you’re bidding on, you have a great chance of taking over the SERP page for your phrases, because you’ll have a presence in both the organic and ad-based sections.

How To Approach Your Evergreen Content

Like every type of content you produce, there’s some strategy involved to ensure your articles hit the mark and have the type of staying power you’re looking for:

  • Don’t write for the experts. Sure, you want to show your authority, but you also want to seem relatable to your audience.
  • Get specific with your topics. Each piece of content you write should have ONE specific keyphrase as a focus.
  • Link your posts. If you create multiple evergreen pieces that are relatable, link them together.
  • Repurpose when applicable. If you have a great piece of content (that’s also performing well), find ways to use it in other formats or for new audiences.

Looking To Bring In Web Traffic? Then Get Started On Your Evergreen Content Today!

While not all of your content should be evergreen, creating articles that withstand the test of time is a tremendous way to bring in traffic without having to exhaust your creative resources.

It’s also an invaluable complementary strategy for your existing ad campaigns. Not sure how best to use a native content marketing strategy? OperationROI can help. Our content marketing strategists and PPC team can work with you to design a complete campaign that will help you take over search engine results pages.

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