How Do I Get A Google Product Search Seller Ratings Review?

By December 5, 2011January 21st, 2020Reputation Management

For an online shopping experience that can’t be beat, check out Google Product Search. In your typical shopping experience, there are many products that sell out quickly and are restocked only half as fast. This is especially true around the holidays, when one specific toy seems to capture the market. Demand for this one toy goes way up, and shoppers practically trample each other in order to get to the last “it” toy.

Shopping online can be so much easier.

We don’t have to waste gas getting to the stores. We don’t even have to get dressed out of our pajamas, if we don’t want to. We can relax, put our slippers on, and just shop until we drop. And during the holidays, online merchants need every advantage possible to benefit from the shoppers looking for convenience.

In the virtual world, merchants can better understand their customers and what drives them to purchase what they do. When you fill out your shipping information, a retailer knows where you live and can get all kinds of demographic information on you. Customer surveys can also help a retailer tailor their online advertising to you. And those customers who sign up to receive an online retailer’s e-newsletter gives the merchant even more opportunity to learn about their customer.

Since the online shopping world has been growing so steadily, Google has launched Google Product Search Seller Ratings. These ratings are made up of a score from customers, supplemented with customer reviews from third party sites and from Google Checkout. These ratings are based on your store name and the registered domain name.

Google Product Search Seller Rating

Essentially, Google Product Search Seller Ratings connect users with review from other seller rating websites and Google Checkout; these statistics are re-scaled based on a 1-5 scale based on a specific Google algorithm.  If you are a merchant, you do not need to do anything; these ratings will appear automatically. You will need to be sure to get reviews on various Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) and other review sites. If you already use these CSEs, you will need to make sure your customer review survey pixels are installed and preferably rotating.

Essentially, a positive Seller Rating can mean more money and increased profits for online merchants. It shows that you can be trusted and reliable, which means shoppers are more likely to buy from your store.

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