EarthWater hires OperationROI to manage its marketing efforts on

By October 3, 2016August 22nd, 2019News & Press
Earthwater hires OperationROI

Dallas TX – October 3rd 2016 – EarthWater, Inc., a manufacturer of high alkaline mineral-infused beverages under the brand “FulHum” and “ZenFul”, announced today the Company hired OperationROI an eCommerce marketing firm to manage the Companies growing product listings and increase online sales through our exclusive partnership with Amazon Exclusives.

EarthWater products currently featured on Amazon Exclusive are;

  • FulHum – 12 Pack Original Formula
  • ZenFul – 12 Pack – Variety Pack
  • ZenFul – 4 Pack – Variety Pack
  • FulHum Concentrate – 30 Pack Sachets

EarthWater President Cash Riley Jr., stated, “Very excited to bring Operation ROI on to team EarthWater, They have an impeccable resume and track record of success with so many company’s” Riley added, “They understand branding, messaging and marketing on Amazon like no other.”

OperationROI Co-Founder Greg Yevich, stated, “We are thrilled to have the privilege of partnering with EarthWater. From a marketing perspective, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to educate consumers on the advantages of EarthWater functional beverages. We believe this is the first chapter in helping broaden the exposure of EarthWater on Amazon and beyond, and we are delighted to be part of the team.”

EarthWater products are composed of natural “Fulvic and Humic” compounds, the main component of their 100% natural, high alkaline mineral-enriched beverage. Their proprietary formula is different from other mineral beverages because it could detoxify free radicals, eliminate harmful pathogens, and improve nutrient absorption all while delivering essential minerals that are limited in our daily diets.

About EarthWater
Earthwater, Inc. is a manufacture of Mineral-Infused High Alkaline Beverages which is a 100% natural, proprietary blend of organic Fulvic and Humic complexes mined from deep within the Earth’s surface.

About Amazon
Amazon Exclusive is an e-commerce platform owned and operated by Inc. that enables third-party sellers to sell new offerings on Amazon’s fixed-price online marketplace alongside Amazon’s regular offerings. Using Amazon Marketplace, third-party sellers gain access to Amazon’s customer base, and Amazon expands offerings on its site without having to invest in additional inventory.

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