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By November 20, 2014August 20th, 2019Mobile Commerce

Top Mobile Ecommerce Data Reveals A Couple Surprises Among Mobile Consumers – Are Your Surprised?

comScore Inc. has released new data determining which online retailers are the most popular among mobile consumers. Since comScore focuses on retailers (think Nike, Target, Ticketmaster), you might at first think this list doesn’t affect you.

Except it does. Firstly, the top 2 retailers are sites that you likely do – or have – sold products on. And while the rest of the list is riddled with internationally known retailers, there is one exception – a comparison-shopping engine that might have you rethink your marketing strategies.

No Surprise Here – Amazon And eBay Lead The Charge

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Amazon and eBay are by far the frontrunners of this list of 15 retailers that mobile shoppers love. Amazon, specifically, raked in 60.1% of the 176.8 million mobile users this past August, while eBay raked in 40.1%. While this comes as no surprise, it’s always good to get the latest data to backup your marketing strategies. It’s wise to spend your time and energy on sites like Amazon. Above all other sites in the world, motivated shoppers (mobile or not) go there.

The rest of the entire list of top 15 is filled with merchants (Apple, Wal-Mart, Netflix), meaning very little to you as an online retailer looking to bring customers to your products. Except for perhaps the biggest surprise of them all … Shopzilla.

Shopzilla Finds Itself Among A List Of Big-Name Retailers

Shopzilla is not a retailer. It’s a comparison-shopping engine, meaning for all intents and purposes, it likely should have never showed up on this list. But it did, at number 13 (12.6 million mobile visitors). And that means a lot to every online retailer out there. Here’s why.

There are a large number of comparison-shopping engines out there, and ecommerce merchants are always trying to figure out which engines are the best ones to incorporate into a marketing strategy. Some CSEs that come to mind include:

Of those popular CSEs, Shopzilla is the only one to crack the top 15 retail sites mobile users love. What one can interpret from this is mobile shoppers have chosen it as the engine of choice. One can assume that consumers trust Shopzilla to provide them with an easy interface to browse for prices and deals.

Shopzilla has consistently been viewed as one of the best CSEs out there. It’s one of the top 3 revenue-producing CSEs, and boasts an impressive conversion rate average of 4%. But this performance on comScore’s top-15 list may have bolstered its street cred way up.

What You Should Know About Shopzilla, If You Don’t Already

Shopzilla is a paid-shopping site that features a pretty simple-to-use bidding tool for merchants. It even allows you to zero-bid on poor-converting products.

As a Bizrate partner, Shopzilla merchants also gain the benefit of Bizrate reviewed on both Shopzilla and Google. Bizrate and Shopzilla are both Connexity Companies.

And while other CSE engines (Google and Amazon) tend to give retailers the cold shoulder, smaller engines, like Shopzilla, goes above and beyond with support (it ranks in the top 3 regularly for merchant support).

What Should I Do With This Information?

We’re glad you asked. If you aren’t working with Shopzilla already, it’s about time you consider it. But before you hop on the Shopzilla Express Train, be sure you know how best to work with this particular CSE. The thing about CSEs is that they’re all unique. They all draw different customers, and are more effective with some niches and industries than others. OperationROI can help you decide how best to leverage the consumer-based popularity of Shopzilla. Call us at 1-888-277-5429 or fill out our contact form to learn more about what we can do for you.

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