Instagram Business Pages Might Be In Your Future

By May 26, 2016April 25th, 2017Instagram
Instagram Business Pages

Instagram Business Pages — Most Likely Coming To Your Smartphone

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Instagram is a social media platform owned by Facebook. The two networks do a pretty good job of maintaining separate identities; but sometimes we see the similarities peek tough. Selling ads is one such example. The controversial algorithmic feed is another.

But perhaps the most exciting news to come down the pike (at least for brands) is the news that Instagram has begun testing business profiles that will likely perform in a similar manner as Facebook’s Pages.

The news of Instagram’s venture into business-specific pages isn’t groundbreaking – the network announced their intentions a few months ago. However, content marketing firm Later recently posted screen shots of some of the potential changes, thus bringing new excitement for any brand that’s looking to better reach the growing Instagram audience.

What You’ll (Most Likely) Find In The New Instagram Business Pages

If Later’s screen shots are accurate, then what you’ll find is your new business profile will look a whole lot like Instagram’s existing profiles, save for one helpful addition: a contact button.

Instagram Business Pages

When users click on this button, a menu appears, providing the user with options to get directions to the business location or send a direct email. This direct approach to adding a contact button is an obvious nod to all that Facebook has learned in honing its own business Pages. Last September, Facebook made its call-to-action buttons far more prominent in an effort to nurture the connection between brand and customers.

Apparently they like what they’ve seen with this change, leading them to take the same approach with their Instagram business pages.

What Should Your Brand Do To Get The Most Out Of Instagram?

For starters, what you shouldn’t be doing is waiting for these new Pages to get started on the social network. Many brands avoid Instagram because they just don’t get it. There are few options to direct audiences to lead pages (the only link you can provide is in your bio), thus tracking your ROI is a challenge.

But if used properly, Instagram can establish your brand as an influencer who understands its audience. While Twitter is great for news updates, and Facebook is great for nurturing your community, Instagram is the ideal space to use compelling imagery to tell your story.

For example, rather than sharing a stock photo of one of your products (as you might do for Amazon), show that product in use – in real life. Think of Instagram as a great way to focus on benefits, not services. In other words, don’t say “I have this product and you want it.” Within your images, say “here’s how your life is better with what we sell.”

Of course, not every brand will find Instagram to be helpful. Despite its far reach, Instagram isn’t the perfect solution for every niche or industry. That’s where OperationROI comes in – to help you understand where your brand should be spending its time and money.

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