Google Releases its 160-pg Full Search Quality Rating Guidelines

By February 4, 2016April 25th, 2017Google
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Google Publishes Search Quality Rating Guidelines In Full

Just before the clock struck midnight on 2015, Google did something it has never done in its short but impressive existence: it released the full version of its Search Quality Raters guideline and handbook.

This 160-page compendium of SEO goodness has been released to help Google Search Quality Raters better understand how to rate the search results they test. Those of you who are chin-deep in the world of Google might remember that the company released an abridged version in 2013. This full-version release is pretty symbolic, because it’s the first time this type of version has been made available to folks other than the actual Search Quality Raters.

What’s With These Search Quality Raters?

Google is known (and, in some circles, hated) for its algorithmic changes to search. Love or hate them, these algorithmic changes require tons of experimentation. Part of that experimentation is having evaluators provide feedback on the experiments.

While ratings from evaluators don’t determine individual site rankings, they are used by Google to understand the experiments they’re conducting.

These guidelines are often changed as Google’s understanding of what users want evolves, which is why, perhaps, Google hasn’t provided any type of release on these guidelines since 2013.

However, the company recently completed a major revision of the rater guidelines to adapt to the mobile world (which has changed how people search).

This updated version is, by no means, a final version. The guidelines will continue to evolve as search changes. The public document won’t be changed regularly; however, if any major change is done (like was so in this latest version) Google will likely make that change public.

Download the full PDF here.

There It Is – Mobile Is HUGE

It’s 2016, so by now we’re assuming you understand the enormous impact mobile has on the modern-day marketer and retailer. But just in case you were on the fence, this release by Google should help you see more clearly.

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