The Benefits of Using Single Product Ad Groups for Google Shopping Campaigns

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One of the more effective marketing strategies for e-commerce sellers to sell more products online is to use Google Shopping campaigns. Understanding how to structure your campaigns can be the difference between success and failure. A very popular and successful strategy is to leverage single product ads groups to get more out of your advertising budget. By focusing on single product ad groups you can increase sales and profitability. Here are the top benefits online sellers can enjoy by using single product ad groups.

What Are Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs)?

First, it’s important to understand the concept of single product ad groups or SPAGs. If you want to take your advertising and marketing to the next level, you’ll need to learn how to set up single product ad groups in Google Ads. This pinpointed advertising technique allows sellers to target specific products in their digital marketing by separating each product into its own ad group and product group within a specific campaign.

Benefits Of Single Product Ad Groups

Using single product ad groups allows e-commerce vendors to focus on specific products. SPAGs allow for mining incredibly precise data on search terms, as well as which products are being searched, clicked-on, and the number of sales triggered by each individual product listing ad.

Targeted Advertising Bidding

Knowing how to use SPAGS can give you one of the most coveted benefits online vendors want for their marketing, more targeted advertising. SPAGs allow you to specifically target one individual product in one ad group from your Google Shopping campaign. If you have a reasonable number of product offerings, you can set up individual SPAGs for multiple products. This allows you to get exact, pinpointed advertising and data for keywords related to these individual products to maximize clicks and target ROAS.

Use Negative Keywords

With SPAGs, you can also fine-tune search results and site traffic by incorporating the concept of negative keywords. If you only want one product to show up on the search engines for certain keywords, you can influence the way the results show up with negative keywords. Negative keywords can be added to help eliminate search results when certain keywords are used. When you make these slight keyword adjustments, it gives your top products a stronger position in search engine results.

Spread Brand Awareness

SPAGs are also effective at helping your company increase brand awareness. Because of their ability to put your individual products front and center, it helps potential customers searching for items get more exposure to your brand. If you use SPAGs for more than one product from your catalog, especially related products, your items and brand will continue to be positioned high on the search engine results and give online searchers your name. Over time, visitors may start to remember your brand and name more often than your competition.

Make Your Advertising Budget Do More

Single product ad groups are also great if you want to get more out of your advertising budget. Not all advertising and marketing campaigns are equally effective, and price doesn’t always reflect that. The more targeted you can get in your marketing, the more returns and conversions you’ll get from the money you do spend in your advertising.

More Control Over Campaigns

If you run an online store, you may appreciate the extreme amount of control you get over your product listing ads when you take advantage of SPAGs. Your advertising campaign becomes more precise because of the time and effort required when manipulating search results for specific products. It also helps you manage your product listing ads much more strategically and get better outcomes from search results and keywords.

Automated Bidding

Businesses that specialize in e-commerce can also take advantage of the feature of automated bidding for SPAGs. Bidding refers to the amount of money you pay per click on specific keywords through Google Shopping. It’s possible to set up this amount manually and have more control over how much you pay for clicks. It may be more effective to use automated bidding, to give your keywords and SPAGs bidding amounts that are based more on performance. This helps you retain some control but also allows you to have more convenience with the automated features.

Phase Out Low-Performing Products

SPAGs aren’t just beneficial to your best-selling products; they’re also helpful in recognizing which products aren’t performing. The data points you get from the specificity of single product ad groups allow you to spot products that aren’t selling, despite getting boosts from this marketing strategy. This information can help you make decisions about which products to phase out and open up your catalog to products that have more potential.

Boost Search Engine Marketing Performance

Boosting your search engine performance is another side effect of using SPAGs effectively. If you have SPAGs for the right products, you could potentially see an increase in traffic. Not only that, SPAGs help you get the right kind of traffic, the kind that ends up in clicks to your site and purchases of your items.

Increase In Conversions And Profitability

The biggest reason why SPAGs are such a great strategy for Google Shopping campaigns is that they help online retailers sell more products. Too often, digital marketing campaigns only focus on the search engine results order and more site visitors who simply browse and leave within a few minutes. This Google Shopping feature gives you more actual sales and higher profits. It also helps you analyze the data about why different products may be selling more and why other items may be struggling. It’s one of the most strategic uses of your marketing dollars.

Setting up a Google Shopping campaign with single product ad groups can help take your product offerings to the next level. Instead of taking on this type of advertising strategy yourself, save time and money by leaving it up to OperationROI’s team of experts. With OperationROI’s help, you can get all of the benefits of SPAGs without being an expert. Contact us today to start increasing your Google Shopping ROI.

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