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By March 26, 2014April 25th, 2017Google Shopping

Getting To Know The Four Newest Tools From Google Shopping

Google Shopping ToolsAs Google Shopping continues to grow and progress, Google is looking at newer ways to help merchants make the most of this platform. Four new tools have recently been introduced that may help you get more out of your online campaigns. We break them down now.

  1. Benchmark Cluck-Thru Rate – Benchmarks are markers that help people to measure up their own success against another’s achievements or expectations. Here, the Benchmark CTR highlights how similar products are performing, which in turn can help you to stay competitive.
  2. Impression Share – A wonderfully new addition to the toolbox, Impression Share gives you insight into the frequency (in percentage) that your ads appear in relevant search queries. This can help you to design the most effective product group bids for PLAs.
  3. Products Tab – Currently, your product information is accessible through the Google Merchant Center, which is not always accessible to advertisers and merchants. But with the introduction of the Products Tab, all of your product information will be available via the Merchant Center.
  4. Exclusions – You can already control the visibility of your products with the use of tools such as downbidding and negative keywords, not to mention just removing the product from the feed altogether. However, with Exclusions, you now can exclude an entire sub-group of a product from product groups.

Knowing how to use these tools to your advantage can help you significantly increase your ROI. For example, a low impression share might suggest you’re not bidding high enough or that you have a mismanaged data feed.

You can use the benchmark CTR To, essentially, spy on your competitors and make changes to come out on top. And with Products Tab, you finally get a clearer picture of what your feed looks like to Google.

With this new army of tools at your disposal, it’s time to take a new look at your Google accounts, to ensure your houses is in order. While you may have been enjoying some success over the last few months, these new tools can help you boost your conversion rates to an all new level. But it takes more than just knowing about tools.

It takes knowing how to use them. At OperationROI we’ve studied these new tools in a variety of settings to determine how best to utilize them for each of our clients. Our goal is to maximize your ROI, while minimizing your level of commitment toward managing your accounts. Contact us today at 1-888-277-5429 or fill out our contact form to learn how we can help you rediscover new success with Google Shopping.

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