Introducing Google Shopping Campaigns on Search Partners

By May 4, 2015April 25th, 2017Google Shopping

Google AdSense Now Displays Shopping Ads on Search Partner Sites

Google recently began to display certain ads from Shopping Campaigns on Search Partner Network sites that run the new service called AdSense for Shopping.

Search partners help to extend the reach of search ads to non-Google websites (think AOL), as well as to channels such as Google Maps, YouTube and beyond.

How Has This Impacted Traffic And Sales?

Those advertisers who have seen their ads run on partner sites report that there’s been little impact on their traffic and sales. Some advertisers note that impressions from Search Partner outperform Google search impressions. However, that’s just impressions. When it comes down to action (clicks and conversions), the impact was minimal.

However, a review of one of the shopping campaigns on Search Partners demonstrates that the conversation rate for Search Partners was nearly 3% higher than Google Search. Sure, clicks and conversions were smaller – relatively speaking – because this campaign did not see a huge uptick in impressions on Search Partners, but it’s clear that the potential is out there to see great rewards in the future with this change by Google.

Get a Foothold on Search Partners Now to Prepare for the Future

Just because the numbers aren’t staggering at this moment doesn’t mean that you won’t be impressed with Shopping Campaign ads being displayed on Search Network partner sites in the near future. As more search partners join this new AdSense for Shopping, you’ll likely see your impressions, clicks, and conversions grow.

That being said, it makes sense to begin to monitor your Google Shopping Campaigns’ performance on Search Partners, so you can improve upon it to enhance your strategies.

To monitor this data, you have to segment your campaigns in AdWords by “Network (with search partners).” We think you may find that your conversion rates are comparable (despite impression share being minimal), which is an indicator that as the program grows, so too will your impressions.

Get Help with Your Shopping Campaigns on Search Partner Sites

As with all of Google’s changes, there likely will be some struggles and challenges faced by online merchants. Keep in mind that this change gives you the ability to find a new way to monetize your site traffic and expand the reach of your PLAs. That being said, it will also give Google more control over product search, assuming enough sites decide to join the network.

Thus, Google’s committed to making this work, meaning it’s worth your while to invest time toward monitoring your campaigns. OperationROI can help. Our extensive experience with Google’s latest changes and updates put us in position to provide our clients with the necessary support to embrace new approaches toward expanding their market reach.

Learn more about how we can help you with your Shopping Campaign ads on Search Network Partner sites by calling us at 1-888-277-5429 or filling out or contact form.

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