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The Google Shopping Actions program offers merchants an effective way to instantly transform incremental traffic into sales. Customers can now make purchases straight from Google Search, Images or Shopping, as well as by voice with Google Assistant. On the sellers’ side, Shipping Actions handles order and shipping confirmation and provides the first line of customer service. Find out more about the benefits of this program and how to set up Shopping Actions on Google.

What Are Shopping Actions?

The Shopping Actions program makes products readily available for purchase across devices and platforms. Merchants who join this program can make sales through any of the following interfaces:

  • Google Assistant voice shopping
  • Google Images
  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping

Eligible items appear in a sponsored Shopping Unit on Google Search and Shopping pages. A shopping cart icon in search or image results also indicates that an item is available for purchase. In addition to facilitating sales across Google, Shopping Actions will soon support purchases directly from YouTube videos.

What Are Google Shopping Actions?

Customers can easily find and buy the products that they are searching for on any device. In addition to one-off purchases, Google also makes it easy for customers to build a list or cart with items from one or more retailers. Selections sync across devices and all purchases are completed through Google Checkout.

Google Internal Data and analysis of Shopping Actions performance by MasterCard indicate that most Shopping Actions customers are not new to participating merchants and tend to spend more than regular customers. This program also stimulates sales with one-click reordering, personalized recommendations and the ability to connect retailer-specific rewards accounts.

What you need to know to about Google Shopping Actions is that merchants must satisfy business, billing and tax requirements and submit inventory to participate in this program. Shopping Actions are helpful for making sales directly through Google by capturing incremental traffic with immediate purchasing intent.

Why Should Your Business Use Shopping Actions?

Participating in the Shopping Actions program promotes product visibility in Google searches and across a growing number Display Network platforms. A significant portion of a business’s inventory may be eligible for this program. Shopping Actions excel at boosting sales and have higher clickthrough and conversion rates than Shopping Ads.

Shopping Actions are integrated with Google Checkout, whereas shopping ads link to a merchant website on which customers may have to enter billing and shipping information. Shopping Ads are run on a cost-per-click basis, but Actions operate on a commission-based, pay-per-sale model in which participating merchants only pay when a sale takes place. Merchants can achieve more sales and site visits by combining Actions and Ads.

Once enrolled in Shopping Actions, merchants should monitor insights to determine how often their products win the buy box and compare and adjust prices to stay competitive. Google hosts customer carts and checkout, handles order confirmation and shipping notification and serves as the first line of customer service.

Are Google Shopping Actions Right For My Business?

How Do Shopping Actions Affect Transactions?

Once a retailer has set up and been approved for Shopping Actions, every step in a transaction with the exception of order fulfillment is processed through Google. Rather than sending prospective customers to a merchant’s website, customers add items to a Google-hosted cart and complete a transaction with Google Checkout.

Increase Sales with Google Shopping Actions

All of the correspondence concerning a purchase, such as order confirmation and shipping information, is sent by Google rather than the merchant. Google also provides basic customer assistance and can facilitate returns. If a customer needs more specific assistance, contact information for the retailer is made available.

Merchants are primarily responsible for fulfilling orders. In order to qualify for the Shopping Actions program, a seller must select an approved shipping service and satisfy standard return policy requirements. All merchants must provide at least a 14-day return window starting at delivery time and provide a return address.

How To Set Up Shopping Actions on Google

A Google Merchant Center account is necessary to use Shopping Actions. On the main dashboard, click on Growth, select Manage Programs and choose Shopping Actions. Provide all of the necessary business information such as about and contact details and user roles. Sellers must meet guidelines for configuring billing, payments, order management, shipping, and taxes.

How To Get Started With Google Shopping Actions

Only products that are opted into Shopping Actions are available for purchase through this program. Merchants or partners can use the Content API or feed method to submit inventory. When a seller is ready to go live, click on Tools and select Publish storefront under Shopping Actions. It can take up to 24 hours for products to appear. It is important to be aware of Shopping Actions requirements and why to use them, as a daily order cap will remain in place until new retailers demonstrate fill rates and delivery timeframes up to Google retailer standards.

Shopping Actions streamline checkout through Google without replacing retailer branding. Up to three branding assets in the form of a required round logo and an optional favicon and banners can draw attention to a seller. Merchants also have the option to allow customers to opt-in to marketing emails during checkout under Marketing Settings. Shopping Ads promotions can also be applied to Shopping Actions sales.

Get Expert Help

Online retailers can achieve the best results by combining Shopping Actions with Shopping Ads or more comprehensive PPC advertising campaigns. Familiarity with Google APIs is helpful when setting up a Shopping Actions storefront. Find out how OperationROI helps clients make the most of Shopping Actions by calling us at 1-888-277-5429 or filling out our contact form.

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