Google Image Searches Will Now Feature Shopping Ads

By June 14, 2016April 25th, 2017Google Shopping
Google PLAs for Image Searches

Google Introduces Product Listing Ads for Image Searches

People hop on Google for a ton of different reasons. Even more specifically, people use Google Image Searches for a number of purposes, but it seems that shopping is chief among these reasons.

According to Google’s in-house data, the top questions Google Images users ask are: What’s the price of this and Where can I buy it?

In other words, prospective shoppers are turning to Google Images to get more visual answers to their research questions. Pictures tell a thousand words, and the behavior of the modern online searcher seems to support this claim.

Google, of course, wanted to do something about this, which is why they’ve introduced Shopping ads on image searches.

What This Means For Online Retailers

What this means is that your ads for related products will appears whenever shoppers browse through Google Images. You actually don’t have to do anything to make this happen – Google will enact this behavior automatically.

This change comes at the ideal time for brands. Images (and video) reign supreme for the modern day consumer. You need only look toward the success and popularity of Instagram for verification.

Instagram’s social interface is not ideal for retailers. Unlike other platforms, there aren’t many places for your brand to add a link to landing pages (aside from your bio). However, brands still turn to Instagram for promotion because of its close ties to powerful imagery, which encourages conversions and brand loyalty.

Consumers like how brands use Instagram to tell a story and share a feeling. They’ve brought this behavior (and expectation) to Google, where they have more opportunities to actually shop-in-the-moment, while consuming powerful images. Now, it’s more important than ever that retailers make the most out of their Shopping product images.

Of course, this presents some unique challenges for brands. With sites like Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter rivaling Google for audience attention, you have to make sure that your product images that appear on Google are optimized for the ultimate user experience.

That includes uploading high-quality images that are easy to decipher no matter what size screen your potential shoppers are browsing on.

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