Using Dynamic Structured Snippets In Your Ads

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Here’s What Your Ad Might Look Like Using Dynamic Structured Snippets

Dynamic structured snippets are designed to provide web surfers with additional details about your site with your ads, in an effort to help them decide whether your business has what they need.

These additional details are located beneath your ad. The content of the snippets is created from categories of content found directly on your website, so, for example, a travel agency might have an ad promoting flights from Seattle to Phoenix. Beneath the ad, a dynamic structured snippet might be featured, including the number of nonstop flights available from Seattle to Phoenix.

Dynamic Structured Snippets Ad Example

Helpful Tip: You Don’t Directly Control When / If Dynamic Structured Snippets Appear

Google will automatically show your snippets, along with your ad, if and when:

  • Your ad is eligible
  • And, when your landing page has a matching category to a specific search that’s been conducted

These snippets can appear with your ads on for Search Network with Display Select or Search Network only campaign types, at no cost to you.

Google also allows you to opt out of this feature by filling out a form (but you can always opt back in using the same form).

Are Dynamic Structured Snippets Actually Beneficial?

Google’s data (and data from 3rd-party sources) suggests that additional information within search results does, in fact, improve click-through rates.

Thus, dynamic structured snippets can provide a better return on investment for your ads, without your having to invest any additional money for these snippets to appear.

What Google has determined is that the existence of dynamic structured snippets increases clicks among visitors who are more likely to actually be interested in what you offer.

Of course, you don’t have to take Google’s word for it: you can access some of your dynamic structured snippets performance data by going to your Ad extensions tab. From there, you’d select Automated extensions from the “View” drop-down menu.

Why Don’t I See My Dynamic Structured Snippets?

That’s a valid and common question. Seeing as these snippets are populated automatically, they won’t always show. Besides, if and when they do appear, the information may change, based on a person’s search terms.

So, how does Google’s many bots and algorithms decide if your snippets will appear? They factor in such things as, for example, whether other extensions are eligible to appear with your ads. If one of your ads performs well with a structured snippet, then Google will likely opt to keep that snippet along with your ad, rather than bumping it for a dynamic structured snippet.

What Can You Do To Make The Most Out Of Dynamic Structured Snippets?

Most of the work that you can do to impact your dynamic structured snippets revolves around the content and site architecture of your website. Do you have well designed landing pages that are focused on specific keywords and search terms?

When’s the last time you took an inventory of not only the search terms used to land on your site, but the search terms being used by your audience, even when they don’t land on your site?

It’s worth the effort to remain vigilant on the effectiveness of your landing pages, now more so than ever, seeing as Google uses the content of your website to make specific choices on how your ad appears.

While this could be a huge undertaking for any company, you don’t have to go it alone. OperationROI specializes in optimizing clients’ websites and content in order to leverage all of Google’s additional features, including dynamic structured snippets.

Learn more about how we can help you by contacting us at 1-888-277-5429 or by filling out our contact form.

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