How to Master The Art of Expanded Text Ads in AdWords

By December 7, 2016April 25th, 2017Google Adwords
How to Master The Art of Expanded Text Ads in AdWords

Expanded Text Ads – So What?

AdWords released expanded text ads in late July and, without trying to sound too hyperbolic, we can’t stress to you how much of a big deal that change really is. In fact, it’s such a big deal that it should disrupt and improve how you approach your entire strategy.

Don’t believe us? Well, let’s just travel down that rabbit hole then …

You And Your Creative Team Should Go Back To The Drawing Board – For A Good Reason!

With the new expanded text ads, you have a second new headline to tinker with. That does not mean you should just slap on a second headline to your existing ads. Instead, you should take this time to look over your ad inventory and see what changes you can make to increase conversions.

We recommend using your most successful ads to date as a launching pad. What made these ones work? How can you differentiate and improve on them, now with a second headline?

Speaking Of Headlines – Invest A Ton Of Time On Them!

You now have twice as many headline characters to work with than before. Do you know what that means? Twice as much testing. When it comes to testing your ads, your headlines should get the lion’s share. Implementing and perfecting your headlines will provide you the biggest ROI.

Reconsider Your Messaging

By now you’ve likely discovered that we are not-so-subtly suggesting you reexamine your ads thanks to Google’s latest expansion.

Since we know you’ll take our advice (right?), then here’s a great chance for you to examine your ads’ messaging.

In Google’s own research, they’ve discovered that users respond better to ads that focus on their needs and benefits, and not so much on the features of your offer.

That goes into the language you use with your calls to action buttons as well. Something like “Call Us Today” can work from time to time, but try to find more specific actions that center on your audiences. Something like “Start Saving Now” might be more enticing (if applicable).

You might also want to toy with adding time limits to specific offers. A countdown ad, for example, is a great way to encourage prospects to act fast.

Keep Your Ad Extensions

The new ads give you a lot more room to work with, which might lead you to believe that your extensions aren’t as important.

Perish the thought!

You should continue to implement any and all extensions that make sense for your business. We recommend you try for at least four so that the system has plenty of choices when assembling your ad unit for each auction.

Note: all of Google’s existing extensions work with expanded text ads.

The Expanded Ads Are Reason To Celebrate … But Then It’s Time To Get Back To Work

The latest change to Google’s ads will help your investments work better across all devices and should drive more clicks to your landing pages. Start with the tips outlined above to kick off your strategy on the right foot; but as is always the case, you’ll want to constantly monitor and adapt your strategies accordingly.

OperationROI can help. Our AdWords team can help you assess your current ads and adapt them to better suit the expanded space now available to you. Learn more by calling us at 1-888-277-5429 or by filling out our contact form.

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