Important Changes to Google’s Keyword Planner You Need to Know About

By January 8, 2017April 25th, 2017Google Adwords
Important Changes to Google's Keyword Planner

Get Keyword Forecasts In AdWords

Online advertisers now have the ability to get forecasts for their existing keywords, in addition to campaigns, in Keyword Planner.

You’ll notice the “BETA: Get Forecasts for campaigns or keywords from your account” in your Keyword Planner. Beneath it, you’ll see the button SELECT FROM ACCOUNT. Once you click on that button, there’ll be an option to select Campaign or Keyword from a drop-down.

Once you make your selections, the tool will provide you with performance forecasting as well as a few looks at search volume trends.

A Look At The Performance Forecast Screen

In the performance forecast screen, you’ll see how changes in bids could affect performance for the campaigns or keywords selected.

A quality indicator is based on the amount of data already available in the account.

The Search Volume Trends Screen

The search volume trends screen shows your overall average monthly searches, in addition to search volume trends broken out by device and location.

If competitive domain data is available, Google will show that trend data at the bottom of this view.

Advertisers also have the ability to see the forecasted impact of adding new keywords. Once you add keywords by clicking on the New keywords option, you’ll be able to choose All keywords to see the daily forecasts for the existing and new keywords combined.

The Impact On Your Future Strategies

This latest forecast update to Google’s Keyword Planner is really exciting, and gives you access to incredible data that can help you optimize your keywords and ad strategy. You can now see how bid scaling could affect performance, and how adding new keywords could impact traffic and spend.

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