How to Use AdWords Campaigns Drafts and Experiments

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Test Confidently With Adwords Campaigns Using Drafts And Experiments.

Earlier this winter, Google announced on Google+ that it would begin to roll out campaign drafts and experiments, in an effort to help advertisers test changes to their campaigns, easily measure results, and apply the changes that prove to be effective toward reaching business goals.

Now that these rollouts have begun, we thought it a good time to go over how you can use drafts and experiments to test confidently.

How To Use Drafts Effectively In Adwords

Drafts are a powerful tool that help you prepare and review an array of changes to your existing campaign before you actually implement these changes. Let’s take, for example, a scenario where you’d want to increase mobile bids for ad groups with impressive mobile conversion rates.

Here’s how to use drafts effectively: Create a draft of your campaign and feel free to set different mobile bid adjustments for those ad groups without impacting your live campaign. If you like what you see within the draft, just go ahead and apply these changes to your actual campaign.

Of course, you need to know whether your mobile bid adjustments are performing the way you’d want them to.

That’s when you turn to experiments.

The Use Of Experiments In Adwords

Experiments give you the power to test changes in your campaign within the confines of a controlled environment. Piggybacking off our scenario above, let’s assume you’ve created a draft that features your new mobile bid adjustments.

You’ll of course now want to create an experiment so you can test these changes, and compare them to your existing bidding strategy. You’ll decide how much traffic and budget to split between your experiment and original campaign, and you can set the duration of your experiment.

There are then two methods to monitor your results from your experiment:

  1. Reporting scorecard – The first way is to compare performance with the reporting scorecard. The performance scorecard features icons that show whether the experiment’s metrics are higher or lower than your original campaign
  2. Ad group level – You can also evaluate ad group level performances, which will offer you deeper insights. Monitoring ad group-level metrics will help you understand how each ad group is impacting your campaign

If you’re content with the results of your experiment, AdWords makes it simple for you to apply your changes to your original campaign, or convert your experiment into an entirely new campaign.

Fine-Tune And Enhance Your Campaigns With Drafts And Experiments

The inclusion of drafts and experiments makes it possible for advertisers to improve upon their campaigns within a safe and restricted setting. Being able to test out and monitor these experiments will give you the insight you need to tweak campaigns or craft entirely new ones confidently.

However, knowing how to use these tools effectively can be a challenge. More so, taking the data you acquire from your experiments and putting it to good use can become overwhelming. OperationROI is here to help. Our AdWords specialists help clients sift through the data of existing campaigns (and experiments) to build a strategy that helps them reach their short-term and long-term goals.

Learn more about how we can help you make the most out of experiments and drafts by calling us at 1-888-277-5429 or by filling out our contact form.

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  • Shashi says:

    Experiments is an excellent feature to test out certain hypotheses quickly. Though, managing multiple experiments can be cumbersome as you have to keep tabs on all the live experiments.

    Here’s a script to monitor performance of multiple experiments easily. With this script, you can easily find out performance of multiple experiments with respect to original campaign on various important metrics like Clicks, Conversions, Conversion Rate, CPA, etc.

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