How To Avoid Adwords Account Suspension

By April 21, 2016April 25th, 2017Google Adwords

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  • Dave says:

    So, in order to use Google, we have no choice but to allow robot hacking systems attack our website…
    “You can’t restrict access to your website, regardless of user location, device, language or any other circumstance. Every visitor must be able to view and interact with your site. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you have to ship or accept sales from outside your chosen target country.”
    Nice job Google! We just got all our products rejected because, they arbitrarily decide that websites must be completely open (been blocking about 2500 IP addresses for years because attacks amount to 5-10,000 hits every 24 hours – slowing all my clients websites to a crawl if left “open” and un-blocked) and Google, in their infinitely stupid wisdom, says we can’t do this (NOW? ALL OF THE SUDDEN? AFTER 20years?). Wow! So Google supports cyber-terrorism!

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