What Does Google’s Expansion Of Local Inventory Ads In Maps Mean For You?

By October 31, 2016April 25th, 2017Google Adwords
Google's Expansion Of Local Inventory Ads

Google Announces Local Inventory Ads In Maps for Retailers

Retailers running local inventory ads give online searchers another way to see if the product they’re looking for are actually on the shelves at their local store. Users will see a “Search items at this store” feature, and is available both in the Knowledge Panel and Google Maps results for participating retailers.

When users click on the “Search items at this store” link, they’ll be taken to a Google-powered landing page displaying the available inventory in the advertiser’s Local Inventory product feed that powers Local Inventory Ad campaigns. Users can then search for specific products in the search bar, or click within the categories to see (and filter) all available products. The individual product pages are also powered by Google and show sizes, as well as review and stock alerts. Clicking the SHOP ONLINE button on these pages will take users straight to the retailer’s website.

The Impact Of This Google Update On Retailers

One-third of mobile searches are now local, according to Google, which is why the search engine giant has been implementing new advancements aimed directly at brick-and-mortar advertisers. Mobile shoppers want to minimize the steps they have to take in order to go from search to purchase. Being able to know, in real time, what products are available at a local store will increase the chances of a highly qualified prospect making a purchase in the moment.

Of course, this means that participating retailers must ensure that their product feeds are updated and organized according to Google’s specific parameters, otherwise prospective shoppers might be given misinformation and, in turn, will have a bad user experience.

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