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By December 4, 2014April 25th, 2017Google Adwords

How You Can Make Price Drops Occur in Google

You might’ve noticed that from time to time, Google will feature a price drop on AdWords products that consumers search for. It seems simple and insignificant enough – a little snippet added to the bottom of your product listing ad, that tells consumers how much the product has dropped from its original price.

But this seemingly insignificant feature can mean huge conversion increases for you. Consumers love a price drop. That could be the difference-maker for a product they were unsure of buying. So how in the heck do you get Google to show your price drops, especially with people’s minds gearing toward the holiday season?

Google Remains Hush Hush, But Some Things Are Clear

First things first – you can’t “order” a price drop number to appear on your products. It’s not an added feature you can control on the backend. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t implement certain types of strategies to make it happen, particularly for your more popular items. Although the specifics are unclear, what we do know is:

  • Google takes a look at the significance of the price drop, as well as the popularity of the product.
  • Let’s say you have an item that is part of a special offer, yet you also drop the regular price of the product. Google will know enough to look at the price that led to more clicks, or the one that is more relevant. If they deem the price drop to be significant enough, it’ll get featured.
  • If the price drop comes after a previous price had remained for some time, Google will see that as a significant price-point change, and will let consumers know about the deal.

Google Price Drops

Can I Use This To My Advantage This Holiday Season?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have as much control over Price Drop snippets as you would over other features in AdWords. But with some good strategy and planning, you could have more say over these snippets than you first assumed.

First, determine which of your products are more likely to sell during Q4. These are the items you really want to focus on. Then, whittle that list down to the products that have been yearlong successes for you. The more popular an item, the more likely Google will feature the price drop Then, confirm that some (if not most) of these items have had the same price point for several months. Those who have are more likely to feature the price drop. Finally. with your remaining list, choose the items you’re willing to drop the price on. This, of course, takes more than a blinded guess. You want to ensure you’re maximizing your return on investment. But once you do determine the products, and make the change, Google will begin to show that price drop in your PLAs.

Of course, you have to know when to make this change, not to mention being absolutely sure which products are the best ones to price drop. OperationROI can help. As the holiday season approaches, there are a number of strategies you can put into place to increase clicks and conversions. Contact us at 1-888-277-5429 or fill out on contact form for more information.

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