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By May 15, 2017Google Adwords
Dynamic Search Ads are now more effective than ever

If you read our blog you’ve probably read the term Dynamic Search Ads in some of our Google Ad related posts. In this post we will not only define the Dynamic Search Ad, in case you are unfamiliar with it, but we will also discuss the new features Google has added.

What are Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)?

Dynamic Search Ads are a type of ad that do not need active managed keywords or advertisements. They are used by businesses as a method to reach customers who are searching for their products and/or services.

DSAs are the easiest ways to find customers searching on Google for exactly what you offer and it is available to all advertisers. Through DSAs your website is specifically used to target your ads by filling in keyword-based campaigns.

If you’re already using DSAs, or already know everything there is to know, you may happy to know that three enhancements have been made to DSAs:

  1. Page Feeds
  2. Expanded Ads
  3. Quality Enhancements

Dynamic Search Ads Page Feeds

The page feed features gives you full control over your DSA campaign allowing only new and important products/services to be seen by your customers. By providing a feed of what you want to promote and selecting the landing pages that you want to include in your auto targets, Google determines when and where your ads will show to your customers on your ste.

Looking to organize your ads? Page feed now offers custom labeling to help with organization. Now you can separate, and organize, your summer products from your fall products. By doing this you can also activate or pause your ads in bulk and with a quick click. Some companies like and Hot Pepper Beauty, are already using page feeds labeling and have reported success in time management.

Expand Your Dynamic Search Ads

Longer headlines and description lines will now be available for you to tell your customers more about your business or use specific keywords to draw a larger audience. This is being called expanded text ads and is a feature already implemented in the Search and Display campaigns.

This helps customers get to know more about your business and products/services before clicking on your ad. To use this feature create a new ad and use the expanded description field to add the additional text that will help your customers better understand your business or find you in the search results.

Should I Use Dynamic Search Ads?

Just like any of Google’s Ad features there are different positives and negatives to weight out to see if this feature is right for your business. In the past the biggest complaint was that DSAs was difficult to setup and confusing to use, however Google’s revamp has changed all of that. Here are some of the positives:

  • Strategically use more keywords to attract more customers
  • No limit on headline
  • DSAs collect data for you to use to mine better keywords over time
  • Track your user’s behavior and see if/when it changes

Now for the negatives which luckily aren’t too many:

  • Your DSAs may show less relevent traffic, but this does not happen for everyone.
  • Google has more control over your ads
  • You need to ensure that your website is clean, meaning the tags and headlines need to be optimized or else Google’s spiders will have a difficult time matching it to your ads.

How To Set Up a Dynamic Search Ad

If you’re not new to DSAs we suggest checking out the new updates and testing them out. If you are new to DSAs setting one up is very easy. Google has provided straightforward instructions as you set up your ad.

The main thing to remember, whether you are new to DSAs or not, is to always check on them. If not your DSAs will become a forgotten mess that could hurt your searches later down the line. This shouldn’t be a problem though because if you are looking to boost your conversion rate than you are already aware of the frequent checks you need to make to mine the keywords and generate more clicks to your website.

Now More Effective Than Ever

Hopefully now when you see the term DSAs in our posts you will say “Ah, that’s right” and remember not only what DSAs are but how the new features will benefit your business. And according to the Google Inside AdWords blog, “Dynamic Search Ads are now more effective than ever.”

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