Adding The Right Negative Keywords Will Improve Your Adwords Campaigns

By July 31, 2013August 20th, 2019Google Adwords

Adding Negative Keywords To Your Adwords Campaigns Can Have Positive Results on Your Bottom Line

Negative KeywordsIs your daily budget running out before you even take your first bite of lunch? Trying to figure out ways to refine your Adwords campaign can be a nonstop obstacle. There’s a few ways to go about it and this article is to turn on that little light bulb above your head about the useful ways of using negative keywords to your advantage. Negative keywords can help your campaign Ad’s show to people who are more likely to click them. Also, prevent your Ad from showing to people searching for or visiting websites about things you don’t offer. The most important benefit of negative keywords is to reduce costs by excluding keywords where you might be spending money but not getting a positive return.

To add negatives key terms simply go to the keywords section and pull down the search term report for your campaign key words. Just as you would do when adding key words to a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign you have three types of negatives Broad, Phrase and Exact, which all serves its particular purpose. When adding a negative broad key word your blocking keywords in any order, but synonymous of the same negative key word will not be considered. For example, the broad match keyword “iPad mini” and the negative match of “accessories” this would allow your Ad to show up for “iPad mini charger” but not for “iPad mini accessories.” A negative phrase would block your Ad for showing up for that specific key term with the combination of any other term before or after your designated negative phrase term. Again if iPad mini was the negative phrase terms such as “used iPad mini” or “iPad mini case” would be blocked. For an exact negative keyword its self explanatory which ever phrase you set as an exact negative keyword that key word will be blocked.

We’ve discussed the different ways you can add negative key words now let’s look at some helpful tips to choose the correct negative keywords to add. First, every campaign has its set margins to determine if it’s profitable with choosing a specific metric and start weeding out search terms that doesn’t meet the criteria.  Therefore, if a key word is spending a certain amount of money and not bringing in any conversions add it to the negative keyword pool. Let me also add to be sure to know where you add the negative keyword either to a certain ad group or campaign level. You could come across a situation where a keyword may perform terrible in one add group, but performs at a high level with another ad group within your campaign. If you add it as a campaign level negative you could potentially lose out on conversions and nobody wants that.

Negative keywords aren’t just useful for pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) these play a major role in Product Listing Ad’s (PLA) as well. It is always good to run through your search terms to find keywords that have no correlation to what you’re selling on your site. That’s a fast way to spend money for no reason.  Hopefully, the points brought up within this article provided a better insight on how beneficial negative keywords can bring positive results to your Adwords campaign. If you’d like more information on negative keywords or assistance on improving your PPC or PLA Adwords campaigns please give OperationROI a call at 1-888-277-542 or fill out our contact form.


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