How To Leverage Worldwide Events — Like The Olympics — To Your Benefit

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leverage worldwide events - like the Olympics

Marketing Strategies For Worldwide Events

This summer, billions of eyes will fall upon Brazil and some of the world’s most talented and accomplished athletes congregate with the the Game of the XXXI Olympiad (Rio 2016). Perhaps you’ll be one of those spectators; but did you know that you could also use this time of year as part of a new marketing strategy?

How can you use the Olympics to boost your ecommerce marketing plans? Here are a few tips to pursue, depending on how much your willing to spend.

If You Want To Spend Less Than $500

While you want to honor the Olympics and, hopefully, help your business connect with Olympic fans, you hope to focus on campaigns that do not cost a lot, yet still have the potential to attract folks to your site. Content marketing is a great solution. Content marketing simply costs your time, as you create blog posts, social media posts, and videos all related to the Olympics.

One example could be writing about how the Olympic spirit inspires your business.

You could also seek out athlete endorsements. Often times this means simply exchanging a few hundred dollars’ worth of merchandise for a mention from a high-profile athlete. Certain rules will apply, so you’ll want to make sure you check out the Olympic Committee endorsement guidelines.

If You Want To Spend Between $500 And $1,500

The plan put into place above doesn’t have to change drastically if you can pad your budget a bit; you just have the option of making your content that much better. For example, if your budget allows for it, why not create a humorous video parody. You could then promote your parody as a commercial on YouTube.

If The Plan Is To Spend $1,500 To $5,000

This type of budget gives you the option to make more of an investment in an athlete’s endorsement. Also, this type of spending opens you up to effective online ads before, during, and after the games. During the games, specifically, consider placing ads featuring your products on sites that are likely to attract Olympic fans.

Spending $5,000 To $20,000 In Marketing During The Olympics

Let’s get really adventurous here. With this type of budget, you could hold an online content (perhaps a social media contest) that will send a pair of shoppers to the games for a fun getaway.

You’ll promote this content with online ads and a YouTube commercial, thus likely bringing tens of thousands of folks to your online store.

Want a helpful pro tip? Make it a requirement that folks subscribe to your email list in order to be eligible. Your newest email subscribers – if approached correctly – could be a source of continuous revenue for many years to come.

Make The Most Of These Rare Occasions By Reaching Out To A Captivated Audience

It isn’t often that you’ll have the opportunity to reach a wide variety of audiences with one singular event – but the Olympics is likely the kingfish of such events. Don’t let this opportunity pass by without at least making an effort to push your marketing toward more eyes.

OperationROI can help. We’ll design a PPC strategy that will help you connect with audiences that are engrossed in the Summer Olympics, and we’ll encourage these folks to follow your path on the road to conversion.

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