What is Google Trusted Stores?

By November 8, 2011January 21st, 2020E-Commerce

Google Trusted Stores program has been shut down and is being replaced. Please read “Google’s New Customer Reviews Program“.

Google Trusted StoreFor the holiday season, or for those of you who want to shop without having to worry about getting dressed, Google Trusted Stores are for you!

These are online stores that have been evaluated by other shoppers and Google’s shipping standards and have received Google’s stamp of approval. This program allows shoppers to shop and feel confident about their purchases all across the web. Only those merchants that meet Google’s rigorous standards are allowed to display the Google Trusted Store badge on their websites.

Each store that is a Google Trusted Store has maintained a proven track record of reliable shipping, along with exceptional customer service. Google keeps track of each of its Trusted Stores to make sure that each store maintains this high level of performance. An online merchant must meet the following service metrics in order to become a Google Trusted Store:

  • A Google Trusted Store must maintain a high percentage of orders with on-time shipping.
  • All Google Trusted Stores must ship their goods quickly.
  • When a customer has an issue with a purchase, a Google Trusted Store must resolve these issues within a short timeframe or risk having Google’s support withdrawn.
  • Finally, all Google Trusted Stores must have a low number of customers who have order issues or need help.

Once a store meets all these performance metrics for a specified amount of time, the merchant will earn the right to display a Google Trusted Store Badge. This is an icon that a store can display on its website that shows customers a detailed report card on the store’s shipping and customer service. When a merchant earns the right to display this badge, a small logo will appear on the store’s home page. If you roll your mouse over this logo, you will get important stats on the merchant’s reliability, customer service, and the number of transactions the merchant has completed.

For customers of Google Trusted Stores, you may opt-in for the Purchase Protection program, which is free from Google. This means that if there’s an eligible issue with your order from a Google Trusted Store and you cannot resolve it with the merchant, you can contact Google for help.

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