Four Digital Trends Retailers Must Know to Thrive

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Digital Trends Retailers Must Know to Thrive

Four Digital Trends Shaping The Retail World

Technology has made life simpler – and faster – for just about everyone on the planet, including retail consumers. As a result of this onslaught of technology (from enhanced mobile capabilities to one-click checkout) the average consumer’s expectations are continuing to become more and more demanding for retailers.

Shoppers expect one-click purchases. They expect lightning-fast delivery. And, above all else, they expect personalized experiences.

Think you have what it takes to keep up? The best way to keep up is to know what trends are on the horizon. Here are 4 digital trends that will help shape the retail world over the next few years.

Making Shopping An Experience

Shopping used to be a chore, or, at the very least, a somewhat mindless activity we all took part in out of obligation. Now, technology like virtual and augmented reality are helping brands enhance the shopping experience for consumers both at home and in-store. For example, brands are beginning to implement virtual changing rooms. Sure, there is a slight “gimmicky” feel about it, but a virtual changing room can actually be of tremendous worth for online brands looking to minimizing the number of returns they face (due to poorly sized apparel).

Consider The Pop-Up Shop – Even As Digital Retailers

Pop-up shops aren’t necessarily new to the world, but in the future, they’ll grow in popularity among online brands. Pop-up shops allow online retailers to use a physical space to maximize resources and build awareness around a particular product or release.

These spaces deliver a bit of a surprise element, which is a great way to have your product and brand go viral.

Advertising With A Mobile-First Approach

According to e-Consultancy, mobile advertising is expected to increase from $22.64bn to $63.94bn by 2019. This is a tremendous leap, which can be accredited to the increased integration of mobile web advertising into messaging platforms.

You’re seeing it now with Facebook Messenger. Services like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others are looking to make the most out of the potential of direct conversations between brands and consumers.

Enter The Age Of The Digital Assistant

What once was a rather limited space has now become a universe with no endpoints. Online retail is an enormous sector, which can make it hard for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Digital assistants will be able to help consumers filter out wrong sizes or products we are less likely to buy. These assistants will help us hone our shopping activity with a level of automation that we’ve come to expect from our devices.

Are You Ready To Stay Ahead Of The Trends?

Good online retailers are able to step in line with digital trends just as they come to light. Great online retailers can predict these trends and leverage them for greater returns.

OperationROI can help you understand the impact of each of these digital trends (as well as others) and adapt your retail approach to ensure you’re in position for long-term success. From testing out new technologies to understanding what your audience expects, we’ll work with you to craft a strategy that will increase conversions and grow your community of loyal followers.

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