B2B E-Commerce – A Winning Formula For Online Sellers

By December 10, 2014April 25th, 2017E-Commerce

Online Sellers Could Find Their Comfort Niche By Focusing On Business To Business E-Commerce

Online sellers have a variety of channels to turn to when looking to increase conversions. Consumers (B2C) provide a great deal of a seller’s conversions, but they’re not the only ones with skin in the game. B2B E-Commerce is a widely popular and fortuitous sector for online sellers, with no signs of slowing down.

And just as most consumers are shifting how they shop online (ie. via mobile devices), so, too, are business customers. Whether you actively partake in B2B sales, or are considering it down the line, it’s important to always remember your goal:

To make it easy for your customers to buy your product.

But how exactly do you make that happen?

Always Think Of The User First

When creating – or recreating – your online sites, it’s easy to get wrapped up into your own needs and vision. However, the person – or people – you need to focus on first and foremost is your audience. Does your current site layout (on all platforms, from desktops to smartphones) make it easy for your B2B customers to quickly find what they’re looking for and buy what they need?

If you’re not sure about the answer, then it’s time you take another look at how you can improve your presentation.

The Challenge Of Giving Your Customers What They Want – Let Them Eat Cake

Whether you’re selling to a consumer or to another business, it’s quite possible that you have a lot of products you’re hoping to make available online. How, then, can you show off these products without overwhelming or confusing your site visitors?

The Goal Is A Multi-Layered Cake

Of course you might have no idea what cake has to do with your site design. But allow us to expand. As much as you want to put all of our eggs into the most prominent basket online (meaning you want to show off everything you have immediately), that will cause your conversion rates to plummet. Rather, you need to break your site into sections – or layers. In other words, you need overarching product categories that funnel into more specific category and product pages.

Each of these pages, from the top on down, should be designed in a manner that provides just enough information to get your visitors interested in clicking more. That means:

  • Strong keywords and descriptions in as few words as possible
  • Clear, professional product images
  • Simple navigation making it easy for customers to click and convert

Make Your Current B2B E-Commerce Customers Help You Get Future Sales The Power Of Social Media

If you are happy with your site design and layout – or are well on your way to redesigning your online presence, another way you can boost your B2B e-commerce sales is through the power of social media. While consumers take to heart what their peers say about a retailer or product, businesses are even more reliant upon peer reviews. That’s because businesses have to be far more stingy with their investments, and often have higher expectations of merchants who sell to them. By increasing your social media presence and encouraging reviews and feedback, you’re increasing your likelihood of future business to business sales. Reviews build trust among your B2B audience, so don’t be shy with using social media to your advantage.

Give Them What They Want

It seems like a pretty straightforward statement – give them what they want. If you do, you’ll surely win over long-term B2B e-commerce sales. But how exactly do you know what your B2B customers want, and how can you make sure you’re delivering it to them?

That’s where OperationROI can help. Using thorough data, research and market analysis, alongside our years of experience working with B2B e-commerce sellers, we can help you optimize your online presence across all platforms to ensure your B2B customers can easily find what they want, and buy what they need. Contact us at 1-888-277-5429 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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