5 Ways to Use Paid Media to Drive Customer Loyalty

By January 9, 2017April 25th, 2017E-Commerce
5 Ways to Use Paid Media to Drive Customer Loyalty

Paid Search Can Be Used For More Than Just Converting Sales

Chances are that the main purpose of developing your paid search strategies is to target prospects during the buying stage, in the hopes of converting these prospects into customers.

But a typically overlooked benefit of paid media is to strengthen customer loyalty, so that your loyal customers recommend you to others. Here are 5 tips you can start using today to make your paid media campaigns become a customer-loyalty powerhouse.

1) The Power Of RLSAs And Competitors’ Names

It’s very likely that you have past or current customers who still go online to conduct searches for the services or products you offer. If they find a better offer by one of your competitors, they’ll jump ship.

But you can stop them from going rogue by bidding on competitors’ names (so long as those names aren’t trademarked). By bidding on competitors’ names, you can start displaying ads to your past/current customers who are searching for exactly what you offer.

Within those ads, you can include a unique discount to encourage your customers to become loyal to your brand.

2) Upload Your Email Lists And Offer A Unique Code

You can upload a list of email addresses to use as the target for your ads. That way, when your contacts go on a digital search for any of your other products or services, you can show them unique offers touting their loyalty and rewarding them with, for example, 10% off if they buy a second purchase from you.

3) The Impact Of Personalized Landing Pages

One of the problems with digital marketing and advertising is that it can appear to be less personal than, say, when you walk into a store and are greeted by familiar faces.

But you can make your digital greetings far more personal to your loyal customers. If you have a customer who’s purchased from you from time to time, it makes sense to show this customer a unique and personalized landing page that thanks them for their loyalty. You can do this with customer match lists or with remarketing lists for search.

4) Include Countdown Ads

A countdown ad is an ad where you see time ticking down, signaling the moment when a unique offer will expire. This type of ad works well for a recent customer. You can ask them to buy from you a second time within a time period (week, month, etc.) to enjoy a unique discount.

The countdown will instill a sense of urgency and can help you enjoy bigger returns on your investment.

5) Use Remarketing To Cross-Sell Or Upsell

For this strategy, let’s assume you sell smartphones. A consumer’s next logical purchase, after buying a mobile phone, is to look for a phone case.

Why not follow around that consumer online with remarketing ads, promoting the covers and cases you sell that fit the model phone that person purchased? Talk about right message at the right time, to the right audience!

Any retailer can use this strategy to cross-sell or upsell.

Loyalty Is A Fickle Thing

According to Access Development, 80% of customers would switch stores or brands if they had a compelling offer. The best way to stop this switch from ever happening is to make sure your brand’s compelling offer reaches your audiences at the exact moment when they’re about to search online for your competitors.

This type of strategy offers tremendous returns on investment. We’d love to show you how. Contact the OperationROI team at 1-888-277-5429, or by filling out our contact form, to learn more.

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